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New! Mailing list just for eyecare professionals

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Doctors... do you know what you don't know about your patients?

No matter how well you feel that you listen to your patients, and no matter what system you might have in place for assessing satisfaction rates, there are aspects of your patients' experiences - both with their eye diseases and with the medical care that they receive - that you are unlikely to learn about from the patients themselves, for a variety of reasons.

The Dry Eye Shop is a patient-owned, patient-run, advocacy-oriented business serving a unique client base: patients who suffer from a wide variety of complex corneal diseases featuring dry eye symptoms, and patients who wear scleral lenses for all sorts of common and uncommon indications. Our specialty has always been addressing information vacuums. Patients come to us for what they can't seem to find anywhere else, and their experiences  and needs inform everything we do.

We have the combination of access, opportunity and perspective to gain a unique understanding of these highly specialized patients' experiences from every angle. And since our mission is to improve quality of life for patients, we want to put our knowledge to use to raise the bar in eyecare!  This new email list is about us distilling our knowledge of patient experiences into a treasure trove of solid advice and information that is relevant and beneficial to your cornea practice.

Scleral lens fitters, would you like to know...

  • How many new lens patients don't know what the red flags are that indicate they need to call or come in and see you?
  • Which patients might benefit from "the ring thing" for lens insertion?
  • How many of your patients can't reminder all of your instructions, even though they smiled and nodded and looked alert?
  • Not just which types of patients are most likely to drop out or move on to another provider, but why?
  • Special insertion and removal tricks that will help some of your most challenged patients?

Dry eye doctors, would you like to know:

  • Why dry eye patients doctor-hop so much?
  • Some simple steps to improve dry eye treatment compliance?
  • How and why better symptom quantification can dramatically improve communication with dry eye patients?
  • What the best tool is for an FES patient who sleeps on their stomach?
  • How hard it is for most patients to tape their eyelids down, and what they can do instead?
  • How many of your MGD patients' warm compresses are too hot, too long and too frequent?
  • How much BAK your patients' eyes are exposed to, and why it may matter?

What do YOU want to know about patients? 

Is there a subject you'd like us to survey dry eye or scleral lens patients on? It could be a single question. Or a small series.

We have all the ingredients here for consumer research: tools, access to a very large pool of patients via our mailing list, unique expertise in cornea patient issues and language. 

Meantime, patients too often feel that their voices are not heard. They want to know that their experiences and opinions matter and that clinicians and researchers are taking on board what they have to say. We want to give them an opening to speak up! Data talks. Patient symptoms and experiences are important data that is far too frequently left out of the diagnosis and treatment equations.

We are happy to put our resources to work for any non-commercial research purposes that benefit patients, so please feel free to reach out. Call and ask for Rebecca.

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