Email woes... we're so sorry.

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The email gods frowned upon us.

From Wednesday night (1/10) to Tuesday afternoon (1/16), we were so totally preoccupied with learning new software and the bumps and hiccups associated with our massive project of migrating from one software platform to another, having moved our entire internet store and then some, that we didn't even notice.

Looking back, it seems incredible. I only remember vaguely wondering why Ally and Lindy weren't complaining about being overwhelmed with emails and texts from people trying to figure out the new site.

Fact is, we never noticed how quiet email got.

What happened really?

We had a major glitch with part of our email system. It went down, for the better part of six days. We were so busy, we never even noticed, because some emails were coming through.

As a result, many emails you sent us are, sigh, irretrievably lost. 

  • All emails sent direct to did not reach us.
  • Emails sent through the Contact Us page did not reach us.
  • Email replies to many (though not all) of the emails we sent you did not reach us.
  • Email replies to subscription shipment reminders did not reach us.
  • All emails sent to us through the little round blue chat button at the bottom right of the site reached us Tuesday. (We replied to all of them immediately.)

I am so sorry.

If you sent us an email that we didn't reply to, PLEASE CONTACT US! I just hate to think of anyone feeling their email was overlooked or ignored. We usually respond the same day.


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