EyeLocc is back! But, bigger.

Posted by Rebecca Petris on

After almost the entire summer without EyeLocc, I'm excited to say we now have them back in stock at last! 

EyeLocc (box of 50)

EyeLocc (sample pair)

Updated: size, shape

The size and shape have both been modified somewhat. I think that some of you had samples of the newer, larger ones before, so you might already be familiar with them.

And here are the actual dimensions of the new one:


Also updated: Packaging quantity

We receive these in boxes of 50 (that is, 50 sealed PAIRS).

However, when we sold them originally, we repackaged them in boxes of 30 (note that each pair is sealed from the manufacturer) to make it easier for people to buy a month's worth.

This time around... we're making it easier on ourselves and just selling them exactly as is.


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  • Hi Peggy – here’s the link: https://dryeyeshop.com/products/eyelocc-eyelid-occlusion-dressing-30

    Rebecca on
  • Yes I need this ,when and where do i purchase. peggyburley813@yahoo.com

    Peggy Burley on

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