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An old Dry Eye Shop tradition. 

Freebies are products we make available at no charge (except for shipping cost) to try and make things easier for those who are struggling financially with the heavy out-of-pocket costs of dry eye and, now, of wearing scleral lenses.

We trust our customers to honor our intentions and to pay for things instead when they can afford to.

Freebie examples

  • Damaged shipments: We received a shipment from Menicon today - a pallet load of LacriPure, which is a popular preservative free saline for use with scleral lenses. Unfortunately, apparently when it was being moved from the cross-country trailer to the local truck, somebody stabbed one of the cases with a forklift. 5 boxes were damaged. The saline vials are fine, but the boxes are pretty banged up. We may, or may not be able to get compensation for them - the damage wasn't visible until we took all the shrinkwrap off the shipment. Anyway, they are now freebies.
  • Returned glasses that didn't fit: We can't afford to make all returned glasses freebies (especially the high-end ones), but most lower cost moisture-retaining glasses get put in freebies. A classic example is Outfitters. This is one of the few over-Rx styles available, so lots of people try them, but it's really hit-and-miss with fit, so a lot get sent back and we almost always recycle those into freebies. We only add them to freebies if they are clean and have little or no signs of wear, by the way.
  • Other returned products (new): Sometimes people buy the wrong thing by accident, and they return it, but by the time it comes back, the outer packaging is pretty smooshed so even if the product itself is still clearly sealed and new, we don't want to resell it. 
  • Other returned products (lightly used): Sometimes people try on a sleep mask or other product and send it back - if it (a) appears unused and (b) is something that's easy to clean to ensure it's hygienic, we go ahead and list it in freebies.
  • Discontinued products: Sometimes a product's been discontinued or the label has changed and we just need to get rid of them and think someone could use them.
  • Donations: We have amazing customers. Sometimes people send us things like gently used dry eye glasses that we can pass on to others. It's wonderful to see these things going to good use rather than sitting in someone's Dry Eye Reject drawer (because you know we all have one of those).

Where do I find the freebies?

There is no link to a freebie category on this site. Just search on Freebie. If there are any, they'll pop up. They go quickly when we have them. If you have a need, do speak up. We can always keep an eye out and try to reserve something for you if it becomes available.

Can I donate to freebies?

Absolutely! Yes please! Use good judgment though - please no Rx drugs, and please no drops/ointments/other liquids unless they are in sealed outer packaging. Thank you in advance! Please send any donations to the address on the Contact Us page, with a note saying it's for Freebies, and let us know if it's OK for us to mention on the site who was kind enough to donate it or if you prefer to keep it anonymous.

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