January DryEyeShop schedule!

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We have some schedule changes in the pipeline!


Closing on Fridays (sort of, kind of, partially) for the near future

We always used to close on Fridays in the summer so that Brent (shipping guru, whom we could never persuade to take a vacation) could stay away without guilt. But we liked it so much we decided to revive it, at least till we're somewhat differently staffed. Closing on Fridays means we can switch gears and focus on the Dry Eye Foundation and any projects. And even take an occasional sanity day.

But, but but, we will be shipping out all subscription orders.

Plus, we really worry about people with urgent last minute needs. So please know that we are HERE, just not picking up the phone. If you have an urgent need, by all means text us (877-693-7939) or email us with "URGENT" in the subject line and we will make sure your need is covered!

Closed 1/20 (MLKJ Day)

We'll be here and will return all calls, but shipping options will be limited due to the holiday (post office is closed).

Closing for GSLS (1/23-24)

GSLS is a medical conference with a very strong focus on scleral lenses. Based on current staffing, I can't go to this conference without closing the office for the duration, and it's a conference I really, really need to be at as this is how I connect with all the latest and greatest information *and* communicate with doctors and the industry about the needs of our scleral lens and dry eye communities.

GSLS takes place January 22-25. Meantime, MLKJ day is January 20. That makes a very, very short week! We will be open on Tuesday 21st, and half of Wednesday 22nd, and that's it! Thank you for your understanding as we take time off for this very important event. Attending medical conferences enables us to help you more and better all the time! This year, Aidan, who has been on staff for four years and interned at Boston Foundation for Sight last summer, will be joining me.

SUBSCRIPTION CUSTOMERS: I have emailed everybody with subscription orders due to ship on January 23 or 24. You can opt to either have your order shipped on the 22nd or wait for the 27th. Thanks for your understanding!


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