PROSE or scleral lens user? Join a Facebook group!

Posted by Rebecca Petris on

Our Facebook groups are a great way to help you get started on your scleral lens journey!

  • Connect with other users
  • Find out what's normal for new users
  • Pick up tips for easier insertion and removal
  • Discuss solutions and daily use tips

My Big Fat Scleral Lens

This group is open to all current, new and prospective users of any kind of scleral lens.

It is also open to scleral lens providers who would like to learn more about the practical issues scleral lens patients deal with. Please just bear in mind that it's intended primarily as a peer-to-peer group rather than a doctor-patient Q&A.


This is a brand new group serving patients who use PROSE devices from BostonSight. It's a distinct enough subset that we felt it would be good to have a separate place to chat.

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