Refresh PM fans: Don't worry, there's no shortage!

Our community has ointment PTSD.

There are very good reasons why we worry about ointment supply. Protracted shortages, recalls, you name it. If it's not one product, it's another. But Refresh PM is special and our community has a special relationship with it.

There is, and will be, plenty of Refresh PM

When I started seeing our Refresh PM sales spiking, my first call was to a senior manager at the manufacturer (Allergan) that I've kept in touch with ever since the long Refresh PM shortage, to get some reassurance about their status and plans. They know very, very well how important this product is to our community. And they are prioritizing it. We talked about what could happen in the event of severe pressures due to stockpiling, etc. and I am comfortable that we are not going to have issues.

So: Please buy just a little extra. Not a year's worth.

There's no need to get masses of it. There really isn't.

If it says "Out of Stock" on our site, it won't be for long.

We are getting new shipments at least once a week. It's been really hard to predict how much we need, so sometimes we're running out before more comes, but please don't let that worry you. More really is coming!


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