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Honey, they shrunk the Purilens!

Posted by Rebecca Petris on

Travel-friendly 2-oz bottles of Purilens Plus It's here, it's here!  We asked, they delivered. The Lifestyle Company, makers of Purilens Plus, are now producing cute-as-a-button little 6-packs of half-size (2-oz) bottles! They're called Purilens Plus Minis. What you will love: It's more travel-friendly and more handbag-friendly and more car-friendly than the 4oz bottles. And, well, it's cuter. What you will hate: The price! Zowie. At $24.95, it's easily the most expensive (by volume) preservative free saline on the market. Convenience comes at a cost. What you might freak out about... that the bottle will appear to be under-filled. That is, if you...

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