What can I use instead of LacriPure?

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Matrix of preservative-free salines

Use this table to find a saline best suited for your needs. Make sure you clear your choice withe your lens provider!

LacriPure shortage

Lacripure 0.9% sodium chloride solution has been in short supply for the last several months. Based on the latest information available, the supply situation will take some more time to stabilize, and in the meantime, we will not be able to accept new orders (single or recurring) for this product (SO sorry). We are advising all users to check in with their doctors and educate themselves about the alternative preservative-free salines:

The chart and video above may help you understand the options. All of the following are commonly used with scleral lenses and PROSE devices. As with all contact lens solutions, please make sure your lens provider approves your choice, especially if you are using an "off-label" product.

Salines at The Dry Eye Shop

  1. Modudose 0.9% sodium chloride solution: This is the same size and type as LacriPure, but use with contacts is "off label" so please ask your lens provider if they approve this use first. (Note: Modudose is the same as Addipak.)
  2. ScleralFil preservative-free saline solution: This is a buffered preservative-free saline which is pH balanced for comfortable use in the eye, and is designed specifically for use with scleral lenses. It comes in a box of thirty 10mL vials (twice the size of a LacriPure vial).
  3. Purilens Plus preservative-free saline: This is a buffered preservative-free saline which is pH balanced for comfortable use in the eye. It is sold in 4-ounce bottles (box of 3 or box of 12) or 2-ounce bottles (box of 6). This is very popular with long-term scleral lens users as the most economical packaging of buffered preservative-free saline, especially the boxes of 12 4-ounce bottles.

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