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What's changed?

Other than the glasses we have on clearance right now, you will no longer be able to purchase popular dry eye glasses such as 7Eye, Ziena, WileyX or budget types like Onion Goggles or Guard Dogs here at the dry eye shop, but we'll always be happy to refer you to the manufacturers and help point you in the right direction.

We have a long, long history with moisture chambers!

Since 2005, I've done my best to explain and promote the concept of moisture chamber glasses. For people with severe dry eye symptoms, moisture chambers are essential tools to keeping their eyes comfortable and maintaining their quality of life, regardless of the cause of their dry eyes, their disease process, and their treatment plan. It's a simple, safe, practical way to manage symptoms that introduces no side effects. It helps, plain and simple.

I have always enjoyed using dryeyeshop.com as a platform from which to educate both patients and doctors about the types of tools that can help people improve their quality of life with chronic dry eye disease. I wish I were able to do so for every type of product that can help people like us. But in a small business, there are sometimes external constraints that no amount of creativity and determination can overcome.

Why the change?

We can't afford to lose money on the things we sell here, and unfortunately, after figuring in factors like staff time, very high return rates, and inefficient processes for helping people find the right fit, we were consistently losing because of glasses and trying to subsidize this effort through other parts of the business was not practical. Glasses had become unsustainable.

I really, really dragged my feet when it came to recognizing and addressing this fact, because raising awareness of glasses amongst both doctors and patients is so important to me.

In fact, ironically, one of the reasons we hit the breaking point when we did is that more doctors ARE finally becoming aware of moisture chambers - especially the Ziena line. That meant more patients coming to us for help, which led to us finding that scaling up it wasn't working. There is just not enough industry infrastructure and support in place to make it possible for us to be an efficient source of this type of optical products. I hope this will change!

What about all our information about these glasses?

We have a vast database of practical information here about dry eye glasses... nuances of difference between framestyles, comparisons of the practical side of various shields and so on, and of course lots of accumulated Q&A with visitors as well as the all-important user reviews. 

I'm currently working on how I can make all that available here without it being too confusing. 

Meantime, what we are displaying about dry eye glasses right now is all at this link:

Dry Eye Optical


Thank you, everyone, for your understanding of what really was a hard decision. We still of course have everyone's purchase history and will always be on the ready to help you figure out what you bought before, what type of eyecup replacement you need, where to find replacements, and so on. 


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