Where's Oasis MDPF?

Posted by Rebecca Petris on

updated 3/16/2020

What's going on?

The preservative-free multi-dose bottle of Oasis Tears has gone on backorder at the manufacturer and is not expected to return until at least 3rd quarter 2020.

What can I use instead?

1. Oasis Tears Preservative Free (individual vials)

Most people using this product are switching to the same product in individual vials.

Here's a link to the same product but in a box of 30 PF vials.

2. Alternative multi-dose preservative-free products

For some, having a preservative-free bottle is very important. There is no exact equivalent of Oasis under another brand, but if you'd like to explore multi-dose preservative-free options, here are some suggestions:

Another option, which we do not sell here, is Clear Eyes Pure Relief.

You may also find our ingredient guide for artificial tears helpful.

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