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Status updates

Click here for online details of what's going on with the ointment shortage. We've reached a crisis point with lack of availability of all name brand and generic ointments in common distribution in the US.

Who to call to complain

PLEASE CALL THE MANUFACTURERS (see below). This shortage is hurting a lot of people and there is all too much reason to believe that the problem is not being prioritized. We need to place as much pressure on the manufacturers as possible, not just to get more ointment into distribution quickly, but to COMMUNICATE better.

If you have any corrections or feedback about which phone numbers work best, by all means post them in the comments!

Suggestions for things to say:

  • "I'm calling about ______[product]. This product has disappeared from drugstores and online. Has it been discontinued?"
  • "Why is it unavailable? When will it become available again?"
  • "I need this product because I suffer from......." [Name your corneal disease; use technical terms! Do not say dry eye - at the very least, say severe ocular surface disease, or keratoconjunctivitis sicca].
  • "All of the similar products have also become unavailable in my area and online. I'm sure many other people are affected. What is your company doing about this?"
  • "I'm visually disabled by [disease] and I need this product. I want to get some assurance of when it's going to be available."
  • If they are not helpful, please ask: "Is there anyone else I can talk to about this?" or "What is the best way for me to file a written complaint?"


  • Products: Refresh PM, Refresh Lacri-Lube: 
  • Phone numbers: 1 800 433 8871 (select patient, then "all other" options till you get transferred to someone), 1 800 678 1605, option 5. 


  • Products: Genteal Tears Lubricant Eye Ointment, Systane Lubricant Eye Ointment
  • Phone number: 1 800 862 5266


  • Product: Soothe Night Time Ointment
  • Phone number: 1 800 553 5340


  • Products: CVS Health Nighttime Dry Eye Relief [generic for Refresh PM], CVS Health Overnight Ointment [generic for Systane PM]
  • Phone number: 1 800 746 7287


  • Product: Walgreens Lubricant Eye Ointment
  • Phone number: 1 800 925 4733


  • Product: Equate Restore PM
  • Phone number: 1 800 966 6546

Please post comments

If you have called one or more of the manufacturers, please feel free to post here about the responses you're getting.

Who to call for news/info

The ointment crisis has escalated to an industry-wide problem affecting a great many dry eye patients. We're trying to help by serving as an information center for what's going on. I can't guarantee our information is always the best to be had, but we will post here everything that we can get from the manufacturers, and when we can't get anything, we'll say so. 

Call or text us at 877-693-7939, or email service@dryeyeshop.com and ask to be added to our Refresh PM email notification list. (That notification list will cover all ointment status changes.)

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  • what can be used instead of Refresh PM ?

    mohmmed on
  • I’ve been searching every store I enter for Refresh P.M. and to my surprise, there were 4 on a shelf at an Albertson’s in Bakersfield. Scooped them all up. Expiration date is 6/2019 so I don’t know if this is a new batch or just something they found in their stockroom and put it out. I tried all of the other options but they were too liquid and ran under exercise.

    kent on
  • Just called Allergan. They said they are getting about 100 calls a day. Still no idea when the “production problems” will be solved. He told me to call back every month.

    Patricia Theiss-Nyland on
  • I called the first 800 number. I was referred to this number:
    1-833-246-4393, Option #2 Refresh Care
    The pm eye ointment has been on back order and will continue to be
    until 2019. They are working hard to get a supplier & packager.

    Holli Weller on
  • I called Allergan and was told the same as Barbara re Refresh PM ointment. that it was a packaging issue. I have been able so far to find Soothe and Restore, however I do not get as good results as with Refresh. I was asked to call once a month.

    sandra johnson on

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