"Your prices are too high": A review, and what it means to us....

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We have this handy-dandy product review tool on the site. I feel so appreciative of everyone who takes the time to use it to share their experiences, whether positive, negative or neutral!

The other day, someone posted a review on a product that just said "Your prices are too high." For a moment, it was a bit of a thud to my stomach, because I had recently gone through some gut-wrenching price increases that I just hate doing. But then I just had to remind myself it was another opportunity to remember who we are, what we're here for, and how vital our pricing structure is to our sustainability as a truly patient-centric, socially-driven company.

So here is the email response that I sent to the visitor who posted the review:

Hi [nameless],
I want to thank you for your feedback on our prices!
You posted it as a review of the Oasis Lid & Lash plus tea tree cleanser. I decided not to publish it on the site because you didn't actually review the product. However, I thought I'd take the opportunity to respond about the pricing issue.
First, it wasn't clear if your issue was with the price on this product, or generally. The product you posted the review on, we sell at the standard manufacturer retail. Compare here
If you meant it more generally, here's where we're coming from:
We are a small business. We cannot compete on price, period. Amazon et al will beat us long before we start. - We are a service business. We lavish time and attention on everything that we do for people, and most of all in providing extensive, detailed information not just in the shop (dryeyeshop.com) but on our information websites, newsletters, etc. We're geared for people who are in it for the long haul and appreciate the ongoing support and updates. We know that many people have to shop by price and will use our information and then shop elsewhere, and that's totally fine too. We're grateful for each and every sale we get :)
Wishing you well, and if we can ever help you find something somewhere at a better price, we're happy to.


Another day, another interesting & educational experience that helps me remember why we do what we do!


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