5/25/22: this page will no longer be updated. Please refer to our Backorders and known shortages page

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Addipak - backorder

Both of our distributors are out of stock of Addipak. Estimates put a back in stock date at May-June. This will be an uncomfortable couple months while we wait for more Addipak and wait out concurrent backorders on Lacripure and Scleralfil.

We WILL continue to fill subscriptions. 

Alternatives to consider

See our Preservative-Free Saline Guide for more alternatives, including buffered salines and salines labeled for use with scleral lenses

Lacripure box of 98 5 mL PF vials 

Unbuffered 0.9% sodium chloride product labeled for scleral lens use.

Modudose Sterlile PF Saline (5mL box of 100) 

Modudose is another preservative free 0.9% sodium chloride product sold for inhalation therapy but, like the better-known name Addipaks, is often recommended by doctors fitting scleral lenses for filling the lenses.

Scleralfil, Purilens, or Nutrifill

Alternative sources

You may be able to find Addipak elsewhere online while supplies last. 

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