Boston brand multipurpose solutions no longer sold here

No longer selling here:

Sadly, as of October 2021, we are no longer able to stock the following Boston brand multi-purpose solutions:

  • Boston Simplus
  • Boston Advance
  • Boston Original

Why? It's all to do with a change of strategy at Bausch & Lomb. We had been purchasing these products through a special online program they have for selling to eyecare professionals, which has been discontinued. Their distribution is now entirely through Amazon and other conventional retailers.

Where to get them

Amazon or any major drugstore.

Or, what to get instead

Check with your eye care professional for a recommendation if you are considering switching. If you're looking specifically for a Boston Simplus alternative, e.g. a Hydra-PEG friendly multi-purpose solution, try Unique pH or Tangible Clean.

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