Lacripure - limited stock

Updated October 11, 2021

Limited stock

Lacripure is the latest product on our shelves to fall victim to global supply chain issues. It is not on manufacturer backorder at this time, but due to international shipping delays, they are experiencing a shortage and are not expecting it to be fully stocked here again until early 2022. 

Quantity restrictions

We are limiting customers to 1 box per month at present. This includes subscription customers. We will continue filling existing subscription orders. 

We are expecting to run out within the next few weeks. If/when this happens, we suggest checking the Menicon Webstore

Alternative salines

Click here for all of our preservative free saline options

Read about buffered versus unbuffered salines

Lacripure is the only unbuffered preservative free saline that is labeled for use with scleral lenses. By unbuffered, we mean it consists only of sodium chloride and water, with no additives to balance the pH (making it closer to the pH of the tear film).

This means that if you need Lacripure and can't get it, you'll need to choose between:

  • Unbuffered "off label" saline, i.e. preservative free saline vials sold for other medical uses - the most common is Addipak, which is available in 5mL size (box of 100) and is sold for use with nebulizers, or
  • Buffered saline, which does not come in 5mL containers but rather 10mL (Scleralfil) or 60 or 120 mL (Purilens Mini and Purilens Plus, respectively).



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