5/25/22: this page will no longer be updated. Please refer to our Backorders and known shortages page

Modudose - back in stock

The price of Modudose has returned to normal, just in time for us to buy some after learning Addipak is nowhere to be found.

March 2022

Due to price fluctuations, we have decided not to stock Modudose for the time being. 

Alternatives to consider

See our Preservative-Free Saline Guide for more alternatives, including buffered salines and salines labeled for use with scleral lenses

Addipak Saline Solution Unit Dose (Box of 100)

Addipak, like Modudose, is 0.9% sodium chloride, sold for inhalation therapy. It is often recommended by optometrists for off-label use filling scleral lenses, because it is the cheapest unit dose preservative-free saline on the market.

Lacripure box of 98 5 mL PF vials (unbuffered), labeled for scleral lens use

Scleralfil, Purilens, or Nutrifill

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