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Updated 10/22/21

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Nutrifill is on its way back! It is expected to be available at the manufacturer on October 25 and we are expecting to have it in stock here on October 29.

What is Nutrifill?

Nutrifill is a preservative-free pH balanced saline solution for scleral lens users that is enhanced with electrolytes. It was introduced to the market in early 2020 and it has proven very popular, especially with ocular surface disease patients. It is sold in boxes of 35 10mL vials.

Why isn't it available?

On July 27th, 2021, Contamac Solutions, Inc. announced a voluntary product recall in the United States for lot FOE.

According to their statement: 

Contamac Solutions, Inc. elected to voluntarily conduct this recall following notification from its third-party manufacturer and out of an abundance of caution due to the identification of isolated black particulates in vials from lot FOE prior to distribution. There have been no customer reports or adverse events related to this issue. This product recall does not affect other batches or lots of Nutrifill. Contamac Solutions, Inc. is working closely with the United States Food and Drug Administration on this voluntary recall

Read the complete notice here.

Previous notices: 

The following announcement was posted to the Nutrifill site on 6/17/21:

A NOTICE TO NUTRIFILL USERS: 06/17/2021 - Contamac Solutions has recently been made aware of a potential issue by its contract manufacturer in the production of Nutrifill Lot #FOE with a use by date of 09/30/2022 and shipped between 05/18/2021-06/14/2021. While there have been no adverse events reported or complaints raised, out of an abundance of caution, we recommend that you immediately discontinue use of any product from that lot while we work with our manufacturer to investigate further. The lot information can be found on the label affixed to the right side of carton below contact information or on the ampoules below the Nutrifill logo. Until this is fully resolved we will not be releasing any further inventory. Please contact your eye care practitioner for their recommended substitute.

There is no more information than this available right now. When any more announcements are made, we'll update this page.

What do I do?

Exactly what they said:

  • Check your lot number
  • If it's #FOE, stop using it
  • Contact your lens provider for their recommended substitute.

What can I use instead?

Please make sure to talk with your eye doctor about the options, and get their recommendation! 

Here are some resources that you may find helpful in understanding the options:

I would imagine that the most popular choice until Nutrifill is back will be Scleralfil. It is the most similar product in terms of size (it's 10mL) and type (it's pH balanced), though it does not have the electrolytes that Nutrifill has.

When will Nutrifill be back?

According to their website, it will be available again October 25. Hurray!

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  • Hi, sorry I didn’t respond sooner to your comment, Randy! Most people would use a box of Nutrifill per month. It’s actually 35 vials, not 30, so it should last a bit longer than a month.

    Rebecca on
  • How much will be a one month supply of Nutrifill?

    Randy on
  • I was just notified that I am receiving a refund for the Nutrifill FOE batch I received recently. Evidentally, there must be a real problem with it since they are issuing refunds. Luckily, no issue for me after using two of the vials before the advisement to discontinue use. Better safe than sorry.

    Laura Murray on
  • Thank you. I do have that batch. I’ve used about 4 of the vials but have the remaining vials (but have thrown away the box packaging). I reached out to Nutrifill to let them know and ask them for what options I have. Any further information you find out will be appreciated.

    Chris on
  • Thank you for your ongoing dedication! The heads up, the why, and answers to what do we do in the meantime, is so appreciated. Simply amazing! 😘

    CIndy on

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