Preservative free saline shortage updates

Updated October 22, 2021

Due to increasing issues with saline availability, we are now tracking these all on a single page for convenience. This will be updated multiple times a week till the issues clear. If you know something we don't know - please reach out!

To be notified automatically when the product you want is back in stock, click on the product link below and then select the email notification option.

More information about preservative free salines. Please read up, and call us for help if you need more information. Don't pay scalper prices online if there are other suitable options available!

 Brand Available today at dryeyeshop? Issues Alternatives & notes
Addipak (off label) Yes
Lacripure No Manufacturer shortages are expected potentially through early 2022 due to international shipping delays. We are filling subscription orders only at this time.

First, try purchasing Lacripure direct from the manufacturer.

DO NOT PURCHASE ON AMAZON (scalper pricing!)

Addipak is the most similar (but it is an off label use)

Modudose (off label) Yes
Nutrifill No

Recalled (June 2021)

New production is expected back in stock here by October 29. Click here to sign up for email notification.

Scleralfil is the most similar (buffered 10mL)
Purilens Plus Yes Back to normal after a temporary shortage


Box of 30 vials

Discount multipacks

Trial packs

Yes (not all brands)

Not sure which type to get? Pick up a trial pack.

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