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Updated October 22, 2021

LATEST: Back to normal

Phew, will the flip-flopping never stop... Thankfully, we're back to normal on Purilens supply sooner than expected!

Temporary shortage

Purilens, like so many other products, has been affected by international shipping delays. We are expecting this to last about three weeks. Because of our very limited stock, and the possibility (albeit unlikely) that the shortage could last longer, we are reserving our remaining stock exclusively for existing subscribers. 

Affected products:

  • Purilens 3pack
  • Purilens 12pack
  • Purilens 24pack
  • Purilens Mini 6pack

Thankfully, there should be plenty of Purilens available for everyone, just not from us! Which leads me to:

Where else can I get Purilens?

I would suggest Amazon as your first choice for Purilens at this time as we know that they have a very large stock. As of this writing, it appears to be in stock at myeyesupply.com and dryeyerescue.com and I am sure there are many others.

When will Purilens be back at the Dry Eye Shop?

Hopefully by the second week in November. Please check back here for updates.

What saline can I use instead of Purilens?

The most similar saline on the market is Scleralfil, which is the same type and with the same ingredients. It is packaged in 10mL vials (1/12th the size of a Purilens bottle). Scleralfil is sold in a box of 30, and we also offer discounted multipacks.

If using unit-dose saline is too costly because you use a lot of saline for rinsing, consider purchasing conventional contact lens saline solution (e.g. Bausch & Lomb Sensitive Eyes) exclusively for rinsing and using unit dose vials for filling.

As always, if you need product advice please let us know! Feel free to drop in for our office hours on Zoom Monday through Thursday at 9am Pacific time.  


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