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UPDATED 9/16/2021

Back in stock

  • Celluvisc is back in distribution
  • All our backorders have been shipped
  • You can also purchase direct from the manufacturer here

Refresh Celluvisc is on a manufacturer backorder

Celluvisc has been impacted by supply chain issues. It has been backordered at the manufacturer since mid July.

When will it be back?

UPDATE: Celluvisc is back in distribution! It should be starting to show up in drugstores. We are getting deliveries here in stages (starting with the week of September 6).

We know that a lot of you are using Celluvisc with scleral lenses - and many are using it with sclerals because Nutrifill is temporarily out of production. So we're anxious to have Celluvisc back and will update the blog as soon as we have any new information.

Are you low or out? What to use instead

For dry eye?

If you're using Celluvisc for dry eye, there are obviously lots of options. The closest equivalent is Thera Tears Liquid Gel (in pf vials), which has the same active ingredient in the same concentration (1% carboxymethylcellulose sodium) though not all the other ingredients are the same (Thera Tears has more additives). Here's a manufacturer coupon.

You can also use our Eye Drops Ingredient Reference List for more info or come to a Drop-In Zoom session with questions.

For scleral lenses?

Filling scleral lenses is an OFF-LABEL use of artificial tear products in most cases, so make sure to check with your eye doctor!

For those who use a few drops of Celluvisc along with saline, Warren from the group astutely observed that you could use Refresh Plus (or similar), which is also CMC but only 0.5%, and just use more of it and less of the saline. Refresh Plus is readily available in large quantity packaging at Costco, which helps.

For those who fill their lens with artificial tears - please have a convo with your eye doctor! This has the double benefit of making sure they have a say in what you use, and also letting them know about the shortage so they'll be aware for their other patients.

Again, you may find our Eye Drops Ingredient Reference List helpful and we're here for questions during our daily Drop-In Zoom sessions.

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