Retaine PM - backordered again

5/25/22: this page will no longer be updated. Please refer to our Backorders and known shortages page

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Retaine PM was back in stock for a few weeks in April. Now it's back out of stock with no expected date!


Retaine PM is currently on backorder at the manufacturer with no expected in-stock date. We are currently unable to fill subscription orders. 

You can check this page for updates or sign up for email back-in-stock notifications here

Alternatives to consider

Retaine PM may still be available through other retailers while supplies last. 

Bausch & Lomb Soothe (not sold here) and Retaine PM are the only ointments that do not contain Lanolin alcohol. 

If you aren't sensitive to Lanolin alcohol, our most popular ointment is Refresh PM. 

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Onitment ingredient breakdown

There are lots of ointments on the market, and they're all made of the same stuff mostly - white petrolatum and mineral oil. The main thing that distinguishes one product from another is the proportions of those two ingredients. Refresh PM is the most balanced (57.3%, 42.5% respectively) while Genteal and Systane ointments are mostly white petrolatum (94%). Optase Hylo Night contains vitamin A is also mostly white petrolatum (91.72%). Retaine PM is in between at (80%/20%).

For plenty of people the differences may not matter, but certainly I've noticed some over the years who find that the differences matter for their purposes, so comparison shopping can be helpful.

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