5/25/22: this page will no longer be updated. Please refer to our Backorders and known shortages page

As of 5/21/22, our first shipment of Scleralfil arrived yesterday afternoon. Most of it is pre-sold and backorders placed 5/20 or earlier will ship on Monday 5/23. Orders placed on 5/21 or later are expected to ship by 5/27 after our next shipment arrives.

As of 5/17/22 we are accepting preorders for Scleralfil. We expect to fill orders the week of 5/23. Preorder Scleralfil or Scleralfil Multipacks

As of 5/6/22 Scleralfil is still waiting customs clearance on the East Coast. As soon as it clears customs, we expect to fill orders within 10 days. We expect to have more Scleralfil in stock by the end of May. 

As of 4/18/22, we are out of stock of Scleralfil.

Manufacturer backorder

We are currently limiting sales of ScleralFil due to a manufacturer backorder. 

Once we receive more stock, as soon as mid-April, we will lift order limits. We are trying to reserve stock as long as possible, as Amazon has spotty availability. 

We are currently filling subscriptions. 

For alternatives, see our PF Saline Guide

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  • Please put me on the list for scleral fill I would like to order 2 boxes

    Margie Scheller on
  • I would like to preorder (2) 30 sterile vials.

    Tiffini Tasby on
  • I would like to be placed on the Pre-order list for the Sclerfil Preservative Free Saline Solution.
    I would like to receive 2 boxes with 30 day supply in the box.

    Linda S Harrod on

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