Unique PH - ongoing backorder (4oz size only)

Updated 1/5/22

Oh, the joys of international shipping delays! 

Unique PH 4oz is on a manufacturer backorder and we have been out of stock since November, and right now there is still no end in sight. We have been able to continue covering subscriptions of this size but cannot do so indefinitely. If we are unable to fill subscriptions we will let subscribers know in advance.

We are fully stocked on the 2.5oz size. 

If we are out of the size you're looking for, go to this page and click "Notify me when available."

Alternatives to consider

When 4oz size is unavailable, you can order the 2.5 oz size. We are not anticipating any shortages at this time.

You can also try ordering this product direct from the manufacturer - search Menicon America Webstore. They sometimes have product available to consumers but not resellers.


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