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Dust Buster 1

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    About Dust Buster 1

    • Protects eyes from airborne particles
    • Black onyx or Matte black frame
    • Smoke or clear lenses
    • Relatively unobtrusive moisture chamber
    • Fits small to medium

    Description (Rebecca's)

    Dust Busters are very handy as a versatile-fit low-cost moisture chamber type product.

    The look: Dustbusters do not have the deep foam seals that some others do - compare this for example to the Onion Goggles - but for that very reason, they're not nearly as obvious. As sunglasses, they're really very discreet, and with clear lenses, they don't look nearly as "goggly" as other moisture chambers with clear lenses tend to look. 

    The foam seal: It's shallow, and notched for breathability. You're not going to get a right-to-the-skin fit all the way around unless you're super lucky on the shape. One of the things I like about Dustbusters is that they have a closed-cell foam with a very smooth surface, and for people with sensitive skin who have to wear moisture chambers many hours a day, that's a huge plus. Foams can be very itchy.

    Sizing: It's smallish, but reasonably versatile. And not nearly as stiff as the Onion Goggles.

    All in all, this is a reasonably decent reasonably priced product, and it's been a go-to for me as a "starter" moisture chamber for a long time. Some people use these as their "throwaway" pair, as in, they're happy not to have to worry about the high cost of replacement if they lose them, compared to, say, WileyX or 7Eye frames.

    Description (Manufacturer's)

    General Features: 

    • Elemental Deflectors Seal Eye Region From Airborne Particles
    • Alternative Solution For People Suffering From Dry Eye  
    • Maximum Comfort and Fit
    • 2mm Polycarbonate Lens Tested to Withstand High Speed Impact
    • Unsurpassed Optical Clarity
    • Available in Clear, Smoke
    • Rx-Able Options Available
    • Exclusive Fogstopper™ Lens Coatings Reduces Fogging
    • 99.9% Protection from Harmful UV Radiation
    • Black Onyx Clear - Stash Bag Included  
    • Meets or Exceeds ANSI Z-87.1

    Read these label instructions completely before using this eyewear

    These polycarbonate lenses are highly resistant to impact. However they will not protect against severe impact hazards, such as but not limited to: fragmented grinding wheels, molten metal, large metal objects. Typical hazards for which this protector is appropriate, include wood working, construction, power tool use and machining. These lenses and frames are NOT indestructible. PROTECTION from the sides, top and/or bottom should be provided when your eyes are exposed to flying or falling particles that can circumvent the edges of standard safety glasses. Do not use this eyewear without the additional protection of specialty designed chemical goggles when your eyes are exposed to splash/chemical operations. Extreme high impact hazards require additional protection such as goggles or face shields. Clear, mirrored, or tinted polycarbonate lenses and other special purpose lenses without a proper shade designation should not be used in brazing, cutting, welding, furnace or similar operations that expose your eyes to harmful levels of infrared radiation. For such operations, use only those lenses that are marked with a specific shade designation per the requirements of ANSI Z87.1. Guard-Dogs should not be used in conjunction with machine guards, engineering controls and sound manufacturing practices. 

    IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: DON'T USE CLEANERS/ABRASIVES ON LENS Some lens cleaners contain additives that can adversely affect the anti-fog properties and/or react with the lens coating, causing damaged. For best results when cleaning lenses that are anti-fog coated, we recommend rinsing with water only, and using a dry clean NON ABRASIVE cloth. Clean and inspect the lenses frequently. Pitted or scratched lenses should be replaced immediately. For best results use with a Guard-Dogs leash. It'll keep them hang'n around. 

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