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Pressure Patch

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    About the Pressure Patch

    • Thick foam pad presses eye closed
    • Elastic band

    Description (by Rebecca)

    This is a simple, moderate quality product... basically just a plastic eyecup with a thick foam pad on it and a strap to hold it on... but it will hopefully be helpful to some special cases who need to force closure of one eyelid only. I first came across this kind of thing when a friend with severe eye pain due to herpes zoster in one eye told me she was using it.

    I consider this product painfully overpriced and in fact the only reason I stock this particular product is that there aren't a lot of choices out there for single-eye products, which are sometimes needed by people suffering from Bell's palsy or poor eyelid closure from other causes, or whose doctors want something to hold their eye shut but they can't use medical tapes (for bandages or patches) due to adhesive allergies and so on. If I could find a cheaper source, believe me, I'd go for it.

    You may have to play with it a bit (like trimming it down) to get the correct amount of pressure, and it may be helpful to try other brands of pads, including Tranquileyes foam pad replacements. I had to wear this patch myself for awhile during a really difficult stretch with a painful eye. I hated every minute that I had the patch on, despite trimming 1/3 the thickness of the pad off. At some point I switched over the Mepitac tape instead, because I just couldn't stand it anymore. But that's me, and plenty of people would prefer a pressure patch over tape.

    Caution: Please note that any pressure on a lid can mess with the vision temporarily... some people are much more susceptible to this than others. If this patch presses hard and you need to wear it for very long your vision may be blurred for awhile after taking it off.

    Description (from the manufacturer's literature)

    Non-sterile, 1/bag

    The pressure patch consists of a plastic eye shield with a foam pad, kept in place over the eye with an adjustable elastic strap.

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