DMV Versa Remover/Inserter

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    About the DMV Versa Remover/Inserter

    • Remover/inserter for scleral contact lenses
    • Comes with hard plastic case
    • Light green
    • Sold individually or as a pack of 10
    • 1 5/8 in. long x 5/16  in. diameter (remover end) and 15/32 in. diamer (inserter end)

    Description (by Rebecca)

    Updated 9/9/2021

    At last, a double-sided combo-tool! But wait! It might not be exactly what you're thinking, so please read the description before ordering.

    OVERALL: The Versa is a little more than a quarter-inch longer than a regular plunger. 

    REMOVER END: Exactly like a DMV Ultra. 

    INSERTER END: Different from any other DMV plunger, because there is no hole - either to let the light through (if you're used to using a DMV Vented Scleral Cup) or to apply suction to the lens (if you're used to using a standard DMV Scleral Cup). So basically the lens just sits there. It's ribbed, though, which helps prevent slippage. - The diameter of this end is just every so slightly wider than the Scleral Cup.

    I think this tool will be fine for many users, especially those who use smaller scleral lenses (that don't require suction). And I think it will be adequate "in a pinch" for inserting larger lenses. Personally, I currently have 18mm lenses and suction on the lens is very important for me for keeping the lens stable during insertion, so I'll be sticking with my regular scleral cup for daily insertion, but I love the idea of this combo tool for those who can use it! 

    If you try it, let us know what you think! And if you post a review please specify your lens diameter if at all possible so that others can better judge how well it will work for them. Thanks!

    Description (from the manufacturer's literature) 

    DMV Versa is designed for inserting and removing scleral contact lenses.

    Instructions for use

    Before using the first time, clean the device with 70% isopropyl alcohol and allow to air dry.


    Moisten the suction cup (smaller end) of the DMV Versa with saline solution, guide it to the eye and place it onto the front of the scleral contact lens near the edge. Slowly pull the lens away from the eye. This action will loosen the adherence of the lens and the lens will come free from the eye. After removal, carefully slide the contact lens sideways from the suction cup.


    Place a wet scleral lens onto the large end of the Versa where the lens will lightly adhere. Hold the eye lids open with the other hand and place the scleral contact lens on the eye. Once the lens has adhered to the eye, withdraw the DMV Versa. The ribs in the cup are designed to provide an elevated surface for the lens to rest on and prevent the lens from sticking to the Versa. Use a mirror for guidance.

    Follow the directions of your contact lens fitter or eyecare specialist.


    Each time after using the DMV Versa clean it with 70% isopropyl alcohol and allow to air dry, then store the device in its case. Plan to replace it every six months. 


    If the DMV Versa would accidentally become attached to the eye with the small end (suction cup), slide it to the corner of the eye and remove it by turning. If the DMV Versa would accidentally become attached to the eye with the large end (resting pad), merely withdraw it from the eye, as there is no suction on this end.


    • Please keep this product away from liquids such as hand cream, hair gels, nail polish remover and strong oxidizing agents.
    • Choking hazard. Keep this and all other medical devices away from small children. This product is not recommended to be used with diseased or injured eyes. If you experience an irritated eye, unusual visual impairment or pain, consult your eye care professional.
    • Though there is no evidence of allergy issues with this product, it does contain dry natural rubber. It does not contain liquid latex, a known allergen.
    • Do NOT use DMV Versa fo REMOVING SOFT or Hybrid contact lenses.
    • If any serious incident has occurred to you in relation to this device, report that to the manufacturer. If you reside in the EU, report the incident to the competent authority of the Member State in which you are established.


    • Protect from direct sun
    • Read instructions for use
    • Medical device


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    Double plunger

    I have wished for years that there was one plunger that had both sizes, one on each end, and I was so excited when I saw this one! It works great! And will make it easier when I’m traveling, I won’t have to search for both plungers in my travel kit.

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