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Rebecca's Scleral Lens Favorites

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    My scleral lens favorites, explained


    Scleralfil is, in all seriousness, the best-designed unit dose container on the market by a very large margin. It's flat on bottom so it stands up. It's EASY to open. The vials are not stuck together so you don't have to break anything apart, which risks cracking the seal on more vials than the one(s) you intend to use. The design purist in me just really, really likes those vials.

    But it's also buffered, and in fact was the first (and for a long time, the only) buffered unit dose saline on the market. Scleralfil is my go-to for work, travel, etc. It's very handy, and, of course, at 10mL is TSA friendly. Incidentally, I have Nutrifill in my list of favorites but didn't include it in this kit because I don't use it regularly. Nutrifill is technically the best saline on the market, but I don't particularly like the vials - I find it hard to open them without squeezing saline everywhere. So far as I've ever been able to tell, Scleralfil performs equally well for me personally, so I just haven't been motivated to stick with Nutrifill for my daily go-to.


    Purilens is great for those of us who need a lot of saline. I like to always rinse copiously in between everything, I mean I'm rinsing off the Clear Care (yes, I know it's neutralized, but still) in the morning, and I'm rinsing and refilling the lenses sometimes during the day, and I'm rinsing off the cleaning solution before disinfection at night.

    Purilens makes me nervous for people who don't use it up quickly. It's not a good idea to keep those bottles open for very long. The rule of thumb is 48 hours, if you're going to be filling your lenses with it. If it's only for rinsing, you can keep it for two weeks. Contamination is a risk that should be taken seriously when it comes to saline that's going to be held onto your eye by a piece of plastic all day. 

    Clear Care

    Hydrogen peroxide is the gold standard for lens disinfection - period.

    There are different schools of thought about Clear Care vs Clear Care Plus. I'm in the Clear Care Triple Action (NOT Plus) camp, myself. 

    Sereine ESC

    This is the only alcohol-based extra strength cleaner left on the market and availability with anything remotely resembling reliability. Sadly, all us folks seem to constitute too small of a market for any company to want to bother making anything new for us since the demise of Lobob. But some day...!

    Unique pH

    My understanding from all those people who know the industry and know chemistry and all those things of which I am and choose to remain profoundly ignorant is that Unique pH is technically the best of the Hydra-PEG friendly multi-purpose solutions (MPS) on the market. Of course, my lenses are actually NOT Hydra-PEG coated, but I just haven't ever felt adventurous enough to try out any new solutions in a long time. My eyes tolerate Unique pH very well (especially compared to Boston Simplus, which they don't).

    I mostly use it for both cleaning and disinfecting when I'm traveling, because I just don't want to get into an argument from any over-zealous security staff at the airport (yes, the hydrogen peroxide in Clear Care really DOES sometimes trigger problems, even if you have a letter from your doctor). 

    The other thing Unique pH is super handy for is when I have to take my lenses out at work. Bad eye day, or need a break, or need to clean and refill - I need something to plunk them in and Unique is great for that.

    DMV Ultra Remover

    Standard piece of equipment, almost all of us use it.

    DMV Scleral Cup

    Ditto, except that there are two versions - standard and vented, the latter being hollow on both ends. I use the standard one because with my larger lenses I really need the stability that the suction provides. 

    PROSE Case

    I have to say I cringe every time I see someone online describing how they make the Clear Care case work for their lenses, either by not closing the baskets all the way, or putting the lenses on the outside of the baskets. I just can't bring myself to try things like that. So I use the over-sized, over-priced PROSE case, and add the catalyst disc from the Clear Care case. It works, and it's quite durable, and it's the only way I feel like I can conveniently and safely disinfect my lenses in peroxide. 

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