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Stye Kit - Standard size

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    About the Stye Kit

    • Choose left or right eye
    • Warm moist compress for single eye
    • Re-usable instant heat packs
    • International shipping restrictions apply
    • Included: Sty kit with strap; four re-usable thermoeyes instants; white fabric pockets; mesh bag for cleaning

    Description (Rebecca's)

    November, 2022

    This is the basic version of the Eye Eco style kit - all about moist heat compresses. It's quite a handy way to do a warm compress on one eye.

    It's basically half of a Tranquileyes (left or right eyecup only), with s simple elastic strap to hold it on, plus instant ThermoEyes, the little blue heat packs that work like hand warmers. There is a moisture pad included that you soak in water (preferably warm). You activate the heat pack, pop it in the pocket and put both in the eyecup then strap it on to hold it against the eye.

    Instant heat packs

    The 'instant type of heat pack included in this kit has to be boiled to 'reset' it, so there's a little more maintenance compared with Thermoeyes Beads. Not a big deal, just that after you have used both of those included, you need to boil them for about 5 minutes. If you try it out and find it's too much hassle, you can purchase the ThermoEyes Bead type separately. Remember to select the right size for your eye cup (standard or XL).

    Standard vs XL size

    There are two sizes - this one is the smaller. Get the XL size for maximal coverage, or the standard size if you have rosacea or very sensitive skin or small orbits.

    Stye Kit or Sty Kit Heat & Clean?

    The Heat & Clean kit is the same as this but include Eye Eco's nice tea tree oil foaming cleanser. It's a good value.

    Description (Manufacturer's)

    Our patented Stye Kit™ therapy provides natural, temporary relief from styes and chalazia. Reusable gel packs, soft fabric pockets, and pure water are placed into the flexible eye cup and secured with a hands-free design for maximum comfort, convenience, and effectiveness.

    What does it do?

    • Delivers 15+ minutes of optimum controlled moist heat

    What is it for?

    • Stye
    • Chalazion

    What’s included?

    • Eye cup with strap
    • Reusable thermoeyes instants (4)
    • White fabric pockets
    • Mesh bag for cleaning
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