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ThermoEyes Beads

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    About Thermoeyes Beads

    • Heat in warm water
    • Made with non-toxic glycerin
    • Designed for use with Tranquileyes moisture goggle (not included)
    • Choose from Standard size (2 pairs plus sleeves included) or XL size (1 pair plus sleeves), depending which size goggle you have
    • Good for approx. 60 uses, 12 minutes per use
    • Please make sure to select the right size for your Tranquileyes goggle! 

    Description (by Rebecca)

    Using Thermoeyes inserts with Tranquileyes goggles makes for pretty much the comfiest, most luxurious way to do a warm or cold compress... and more so if you use the XL size. There are many ways to do warm compresses. This one's not cheap, but it's very nice. 

    There are two types of Thermoeyes: Beads, and Instant. Beads are like gel packs that can be heated in warm water - do not microwave them on their own however or you'll have a mess! Instant are like hand warmers. You snap the little metal disc thingy until it starts fizzing and heats up on its own. After it cools down, it hardens. Then you boil it to 'reset' it. So pick the type that works best for your needs. 

    With the bead type, you have direct control over how hot they get - but you also have the responsibility to make sure you don't get them dangerously hot - or explode them in your microwave, which happens regularly when people are careless with which button they press. On the other hand, having to boil the instant ones after every use is an extra step in maintenance that many people would prefer to avoid, so the beads are definitely better from a hassle-factor standpoint.

    One of the special uses I like Thermoeyes for is people with facial rosacea who can't use large compresses because they trigger skin reactions. With standard size Thermoeyes, you can hold the inserts right on your lids and avoid getting heat anywhere else on your brow or face.

    Description (from the manufacturer's literature)

    about the product:

    Our new thermoeyes™ microwaveableBeads boost and enhance tranquileyes® hot and cold treatments, providing controlled moist-heat therapy in minutes.

    They're totally pre-assembled with covers, so you can place them in the microwave or freezer anytime for reliable relief to dry eye through 12-15 minute moist-heat treatments, or 15-20 minute cold compresses to reduceirritation and puffiness.

    If you're always on the move, and can't seem to find time to search for a dry eye therapy that works, our Beads are perfect. For moist-heat therapies, they're ready to go in a minute (literally), and don't need to be reset. You can enjoy instant relief anytime you need it, and the Beads can be reused up to 60 times.

    included in the kit (standard size)

    • Four gel packs
    • One set of fabric sleeves

    included in the kit (XL size)

    • 2 gel packs
    • One set of fabric sleeves

    Usage and care

    What are Thermoeyes Beads used for?

    ThermoEyes Beads and Thermoeyes Instant inserts are used with Tranquileyes moisture goggles for moist heat or cold therapy. They are available in two different sizes (as are the goggles), standard and XL.

    Instructions for use

    Using Thermoeyes™ :

    For moist-heat therapies, microwave the Beads in their white sleeves in 1 cup of water for 1 minute. Place inside goggles. It's that simple.

    For cold treatments, just freeze the Beads inside their sleeves, then follow the same process. (For use with original tranquileyes®)

    Warranty information

    Eye Eco products are covered by a one year manufacturer warranty. See or contact us.

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    Using Thermoeyes Beads

    Using Thermoeyes Beads from Suzanne Paulson on Vimeo.
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