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Optisoap Handsoap by Sereine

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    About Optisoap by Sereine

    • No fragrances or cosmetic ingredients
    • Contact lens friendly
    • Moisturizer-free
    • Choose from 3 sizes - 1oz (30mL); 8oz (240mL) with pump; 32oz (960mL) refill

    Description (by Rebecca)

    Why does the type of soap matter for scleral lens users? (Well, really, all contact lens users, but we scleral lens users are particularly susceptible to issues from soap residue on our lenses.)

    Because so many liquid hand soaps these days contain moisturizers, and any oils on your hands when you're handling your lenses will inevitably get onto the lenses, attracting debris and interfering with good vision. 

    Optikem is a decent quality moderately priced soap for contact lens users. 

    Description (from the manufacturer's literature)

    A unique hand soap for cleaning hands prior to handling contact lenses.

    An often forgotten part of contact lens care is clean hands.  Oil, hand cream and other debris can cling to the lens surface causing contamination and discomfort.

    Optisoap is a mild soap specifically formulated to remove oily residue and other contaminants from hands before handling and insertion of contact lenses.

    Does not contain fragrances or other cosmetic ingredients.


    Amphoteric surfactants in an aqueous solution.


    Wet hands. Place a small amount of Optisoap in palm and rub hands together vigorously. Lather well and rinse thoroughly before handling lenses. 

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