Backorders and known shortages

Updated 9-20-2023

This list highlights popular scleral lens products and dry eye drops/gels/ointments currently known or believed to be subject to a prolonged manufacturer backorder. As of May 2022 we have stopped updating individual blog posts in favor of the centralized table on this page. 

NOTE: Just because a product is on this list doesn't mean you can't buy it! Some products on this list are available from retailers. They are on the list as a point of reference if you are not able to get what you need from your usual sources at present, and a heads up about potential future issues affecting popular products. 

Manufacturer backorders

*Subs = Whether we have sufficient reserve stock to fill existing subscription orders 


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Availability at Dry Eye Shop When is it expected back? Subs*?

Alternatives (always talk to your doctor!)

Refresh PM Lubricant Eye Ointment (3.5g) Limited stock Unknown Yes
Blink Tears PF Lubricating Eye Drops (25ct) Out of stock Mid October 2023 Yes
Sereine Extra Strength Daily Cleaner Limit of 1 per customer Unknown Yes
Ocusoft Hand Soap 8oz Out of stock Unknown No Ocusoft Hand Soap 1oz and 1qt
Refresh Optive MEGA-3 (30 PF vials) Out of stock Unknown No
Optisoap 1oz, 8oz and 32 oz size Out of stock Unknown No Leader Optical Soap
Ocusoft Hand Soap
Refresh Relieva (Preservative-Free) Out of stock Unknown No
Refresh Relieva (30 PF Vials)
EyeLocc Eyelid Occlusion Dressing (Box of 50 pairs) Out of stock Unknown Yes SleepTite/SleepRite (
FreshKote Preservative Free (Single Use Vials) Out of stock Fall of 2023 No FreshKote Preservative Free (Multi-dose)
Genteal Gel Out of stock


No Ivizia Gel
Systane Gel Out of stock


No Ivizia Gel
CLEAR CARE PLUS with HydraGlyde (Travel and Twin Pack) Backorder

ETA week of 9-25.


Known shortages of popular products not sold here

 Product Manufacturer contact info Status
Lacrisert Bausch & Lomb
(800) 553-5340
Longstanding manufacturer backorder. Current back in stock date is 2024. 

Discontinued products


When discontinued

Alternatives (don't forget to check with your eye doctor!)

Travel size CLEAR CARE Cleaning & Disinfection Solution (3oz trial/travel) April 2022. Clear Care Plus is still available in travel size
Lobob ESC
July 2019

Sereine ESC (subject to shortages)

Miraflow ( 

An MPS like Unique pH, Tangible Clean, or Boston Simplus

Old blog post

n/a This product is in production, but we are no longer stocking it.

Lacripure or VibrantVue Scleral Saline (5mL, unbuffered, labeled for filling scleral lenses)

Modudose (5mL, unbuffered, not labeled for contact lens use)

Read more about preservative-free salines and off-label uses