Backorders and known shortages

Updated 2/14/2024

This list highlights popular scleral lens products and dry eye drops/gels/ointments that have either been discontinued or on a prolonged manufacturer backorder. Some of these products may be available from other retailers, but they are on this list to provide a "heads up" about potential shortages.

Manufacturer backorders

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Estimated availability date


Refresh PM Lubricant Eye Ointment (3.5g) n/a Refresh PM alternatives page
Refresh Lacri-Lube n/a Other ointments & gels
Ocusoft Hand Soap 1oz, 8oz and 32oz  n/a Leader Optical Soap
Optisoap, all sizes n/a Leader Optical Soap
Genteal Gel

March or earlier (Manufacturer is starting to fill rolling backorders)

Ivizia Gel
Refresh Celluvisc
Systane Gel


Ivizia Gel
Refresh Celluvisc
Sereine ESDC


Week of Feb 19



Other product availability issues

 Product Manufacturer Status
Retaine PM Ocusoft We are no longer stocking this item.
Freshkote vials Harrow Product quality concerns being investigated by manufacturer. Bottles still available.
Contact lens cleaning pads ? Our supplier has been out for months. Try Amazon.
Lacrisert Bausch & Lomb 800-553-5340

Longstanding manufacturer backorder. Current back in stock date is 2024. 


Discontinued products


Suggested alternative(s)

Bion Tears (Alcon)

This has NOT been discontinued, but there was an inactive ingredient change so it's being re-launched with a different product ID. We will update our site soon.

Genteal Tears

EyeLocc Sleep Tite Sleep Rite see
Clear Care 3oz (travel size) Clear Care Plus 3oz
Lobob ESC

Sereine ESDC (Note: This product is chronically in short supply.)
Miraflow ESDC

0.9% sodium chloride (Addipak, Modudose)

These products are readily available at other stores - we stopped selling it at DryEyeShop because it is now technically Rx only. Closest equivalent here at the shop is VibrantVue Scleral Saline, which is OTC and labeled specifically for sclerals.