Companies we appreciate

Eye Eco, Inc.

Eye Eco is the company started by Suzanne Paulson.

In the last fifteen years, Suzanne has pioneered a variety of breakthrough practical treatments for dry eye that meet the real life daily needs of dry eye patients. Tranquileyes, for moist warm and cold compresses and night dry eye protection for those with severe dry eye, nonclosing lids, and so on.... Onyix and Quartz, great solutions for both dry eye and leaky CPAP masks... Eyeseals, which provides superior overnight moisture to the eyes for a greater range of sizes and without foam, anything touching the lids, or parts to replace. Then there's a host of other products for lid care and more.

Suzanne's company is the only one in its category, the only one really focused on these kinds of practical solutions for dry eye patients. And Suzanne is unique. She's really dedicated to patient wellbeing and the ethics of the dry eye business. We need more Suzannes... so badly!

The Lifestyle Company

a/k/a the Purilens people....

What on earth would we have done without the Purilens people when Unisol 4 was discontinued?

The Lifestyle Company was there for us in a major crisis. Alcon quietly discontinued Unisol 4, the only preservative free saline on the market suitable for PROSE and scleral lenses, back in 2015. It quietly started disappearing from drugstores, and the patients who used it were left high and dry. 

For many years, TLC had been making a Unisol 4 lookalike, quietly, low profile. Then all of a sudden in 2016 they were "discovered" when it burst on everyone that Unisol 4 was really and truly gone. They were flooded with panic-stricken calls, as were we. And... they stepped up. At great risk, they chose to expand to meet all the demand, and they are now well established as the Unisol 4 replacement. I will never forget all that they did, under immense pressure and difficulties, for all of the patients hurt by the Unisol 4 withdrawal.