DryEyeShop Coronavirus Updates

Last updated April 19, 2020

Hours of Operation

CUSTOMER SERVICE: We are open 8am to 4pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday. Aidan is covering customer service from home.

NO ON SITE VISITORS PLEASE! Locals, please respect our need to protect staff. Instead of stopping by, you can:

  • Place orders by phone and schedule a pick-up time. We will place your order outside for you.
  • Call 877-693-7939 to schedule consultations.

Shipping Turnaround Times

Most orders ship same day if placed before 2pm Pacific time. (The exception is Purilens, which has an earlier cutoff for shipment direct from the manufacturer.)

If you have an urgent need after 2pm, please call us. 

Shipping Transit Times

Our domestic shipments are handled by USPS and UPS. We are seeing some transit delays for some customers, and carrier terms of service are changing. We encourage you to plan ahead, and to let us know your timing needs so that we can recommend the best shipping method.

Of particular note:

  • USPS: 2-Day Priority Mail and First Class services are now 3 days. 3-Day Priority Mail and First Class services are now 4 days.
  • UPS has NO SERVICE GUARANTEES on any class of service. In other words, if you purchase overnight shipping and it doesn't arrive when expected, they will not refund us and we cannot refund you. Thus far, we have not experienced actual problems with expedited services, but you need to understand the terms.

Our international shipments are handled by USPS and DHL, both of whom are experiencing delays.

For more information, please see Transit Time blog post.


We are all healthy, and doing our best to remain so! Currently, for maximal safety only Rebecca is at the office while all other staff are working from home.