Fulfillment/Shipping Specialist

January 2021

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We need a shipping czar!

We ship ~2000 packages monthly to destinations all over the country and world. Many of our customers are visually disabled and/or have severe chronic eye pain. We pride ourselves on shipping their orders promptly and providing attentive, personalized customer service for a stress-free process.

As shipping czar, you will have plenty of room to grow; improve and optimize routines and efficiency; work closely with a dedicated team; and make a real difference to appreciative customers in an otherwise impersonal eCommerce landscape.

What's involved, generally

This position is responsible for every step in the shipping process, from the daily mechanics of processing orders, getting shipments out the door on time, communicating with customers about issues, and following up on mishaps, to the broader responsibilities of managing all of our shipping related software and maintaining shipping supply inventories. You'll work collaboratively with a small, dedicated team, as customer service, inventory management and shipping are closely tethered processes.

This position will be a good fit for someone who enjoys a balance of computer work and physical work. We are in a 2nd floor location with stairs access only, and everything that comes in or goes out has to be carried up or down. (On busy days, or when large shipments arrive, the whole team pitches in.)

Great opening for someone on a software path....

Growth-wise, this would be an excellent position for someone who is looking to use, and gain, some serious ecommerce software skills. At the end of the day, getting the shipping done obviously comes first, and there's no dodging the physical responsibilities, but other than Mondays, it doesn't fill a day. We would love nothing better than to have someone really roll up their sleeves and master all the features of our current combination of shipping-related apps so that we can make better use of software both internally and customer-facing. How about figuring out how to implement a bar-coding system to improve our pick/pack process? Or getting QR codes onto our shipping labels so that customers can just scan to re-order? And if you want to go beyond all the shipping related software, so much the better... sky's the limit. There's so much potential, so this would be a great place for someone to put software skills to work, learn, grow and pad your resume.

Like positive feedback?

There are a great many customer service aspects to shipping, from responding to special requests to following up on delivery issues. You'll have the opportunity to develop relationships with our customer base and contribute your ideas to how we can continually refine and improve what we do. We have the most amazingly wonderful customers and interacting with them is truly fulfilling.


  • Reviewing, preparing and processing order batches
  • Picking and packing orders (team support provided on busy days)
  • Taking outbound orders downstairs and bringing inbound shipments upstairs (must be able to lift up to 50 lbs)
  • Managing shipping supply inventory
  • Managing shipping software 
  • Maintaining procedural documentation


Honestly, we're more concerned with the type of person we get than a specific educational or work background. It's all about attitude and aptitude, worth ethic and team spirit. While it would be great to get someone with shipping experience so that they can hit the ground running in at least some aspects of the job, we can train someone from scratch if necessary. 

If you have no specific relevant experience, be sure to work harder to convince us why you're the best person for this job. 

Our favorite candidates...

...for this job are those who show that they:

  • Are self-starters: see a problem, and want to fix it!
  • Combine work skills with a heart for service
  • Resonate with our company's mission, aspirations and culture
  • Enjoy working with a diverse staff and helping others reach their full potential
  • Readily add value to the company and take ownership of their work
  • Are team players
  • Are flexible. Things change quickly in small businesses!
  • Have strong software aptitudes. We provide training, but you need to be a quick study on new software to be successful in this job. We use Shopify (including a bunch of apps like Intuitive Shipping), ShipStation, and Gorgias. Prior experience with any of those would be a big plus.

You'll be expected to:

  • Learn how you fit into the big picture of our mission and day to day operations
  • Follow printed procedures and maintain accuracy based on reasonable standards
  • Familiarize yourself with an inventory of around 400 SKUs
  • Have excellent attendance and punctuality
  • Have good troubleshooting skills (e.g. why won't this address pass system validation?)
  • Have excellent time management skills (e.g. how many batches can I reasonably get done by myself before the cutoff time?)
  • Ask lots of questions (e.g. what on earth is this plunger thing for?)
  • Be open about strengths and weaknesses and know when to ask for help

Hours, pay and benefits

This is a full time hourly position. Hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30-4:00 with half hour lunch. Pay starts from $20.00/hour (unless you convince us that you bring enough added value to merit more from the get-go). Standard company benefits are: PTO (1 hour accrual per 20 hours worked), paid holidays, medical plan covered 50%, and 50% discount on products purchased for personal use. 

Application process

Please submit resume with cover letter to jobs@dryeyecompany.com.

We will be conducting Zoom screening interviews and will provide instructions or alternatives for those who need them. Qualifying applicants will have an onsite (socially distanced) interview, and finalists will meet the team in a Zoom group interview. We know these are hard times for job hunting and we want the process to be safe and comfortable for you. If there is special assistance we can provide that would be helpful, please let us know.