Help with selecting AirShields

What are AirShields?

7Eye's AIRSHIELD series products are high quality wrap-style sunglasses with a removable deep foam-lined eyecup. A well-fitting frame will fit right to the skin, making the glasses windproof outdoors and keeping out any blowing air from fans, air conditioning and heating indoors or in cars. 
The eyecup is vented to help prevent fogging. The combination of protection from moving air and particles plus the a moisture-rich environment inside the enclosure is ideal for people with moderate to severe dry eye symptoms. For those who also experience light sensitivity due to dry eye, the dark grey foam eyecup also acts to prevent intrusion of peripheral light which, when paired with appropriately tinted lenses, can greatly improve comfort.
The foam-lined eye cup for AirShields (with the exception of the legacy fixed eyecup styles, Cyclone and Chubasco) can be detached from the glasses for cleaning or replacement. 
Replacement eye cups can be purchased here. They are quite durable and many users never even realize that they are removable, but if you will be using them daily, you should plan for replacement. Frequency of replacement varies with use.

Can I get them with prescription lenses?

Most frame styles can accommodate +4.0 to -4.0. 
In addition, the following styles can accommodate a special Rx adaptor that will allow them to take prescriptions from -4.25 to -7.0:
  • Bora
  • Briza 
  • Buran
  • Cape
  • Diablo

What about readers?

If all you need is plus readers, the following framestyles are available with built-in plus lenses in strengths of +1.5, +2.0 and +2.5 in both clear and SharpView Grey lenses:
  • Bora
  • Briza
  • Cape
  • Churada
  • Derby
  • Panhead
  • Taku Plus
Call if you have questions about specific prescription needs.

How do I find AirShields that will fit me? 

AirShield frame fit cannot be predicted reliably without actually trying on the frames, because getting a good seal is as dependent on your face shape as on just sizing. Consider seeking out a local dealer (try the dealer locator page at, or ordering online and returning pairs that don't fit. 

Can I find the frame styles I want locally?

You will need to speak with local dealers to find out what they stock. We recommend using to narrow things down to your top choices, then finding a local dealer (Harley Davidson shops are often the best source) and calling them to find out which framestyles they have that are on your ‘shortlist'.

What if I order AirShields and they don't fit?

We provide full refunds of product cost for glasses that don't fit. We just ask that you return them in new condition and call or email us for return instructions. Please see the Return Policy link above the cart for full details.

Are they just for outside? 

Yes and no. Outside is what they're designed for, and, aesthetically, that's certainly what they're best suited for. When you take a framestyle of this kind and put a clear lens in it for indoor use, it's going to look much more like goggles than if the lenses are tinted like regular sunglasses. However, many people with severe dry eye symptoms use AirShields indoors, especially for computer work, because in some cases no other dry eye glasses will give them a close enough seal, and there are many situations in which function becomes more important than form. In general though, what we most often recommend for indoor use is the Ziena series eyewear with silicone shields because they have a better balance of performance and aesthetics and are more easily adapted to a professional environment.

Which ladies’ frame styles are the most popular?

Briza, hands down. Cyclone perhaps next. Churada, Viento and Chubasco also well liked.

Which mens & unisex frame styles are the most popular?

Bora, Cape, Diablo.

What about challenging fits?

Call for fitting advice (you may need to make an appointment for a consultation). We can help you find the most flexible frame for your needs; for example, the Ventus has amazing bendable temples that let you shorten them even beyond what adjustable temple types can accommodate. You can also contact the manufacturer at 

How do I get replacement eye cups?

You can order replacement eye cups here. Remember to always specify your frame style because each eye cup is different.

I don't know whether AirShields are right for me.

Please call and schedule a free consultation, where we can assess your situation and needs and help you decide what kind (if any) of dry eye glasses are most likely to be beneficial to you. There are a lot of possibilities. Sometimes AirDam series glasses are a good alternative especially if aesthetics are a big concern. Sometimes Ziena eyewear may be more appropriate. Sometimes it's helpful to purchase some inexpensive goggles or other foam-lined sunglasses such as Dustbusters or Outfitters (over-Rx) to 'test the concept' before getting fitted with the costlier types.

SIZING: Narrowest to widest AirShield frame styles (temple to temple)

NOTE: Temple width does not tell the whole story… it’s really all about the eyecup size & shape. There are frames listed here that look large that fit on small women, and frames that aren’t among the largest that fit on larger men. You’ll never know for sure what will fit till you try it on.
Briza 139
Viento 139
Ventus 140
Buran 141
Churada 142
Cyclone 142
Taku Plus 143
Chubasco 144
Derby 144
Diablo 144
Whirlwind 144
Panhead 145
Cape 146
Bora 147