Product Availability Issues

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Manufacturer backorders

This list highlights popular dry eye drops/gels/ointments and scleral lens solutions currently known or believed to be subject to a prolonged manufacturer backorder. The "Last updated" column indicates when we last verified this information directly with the manufacturer. We add a product to this list only when we find (1) it has been unavailable direct from the manufacturer for at least three months without explanation, or (2) when we know that local and online shortages are affecting patients.

NOTE: Just because a product is on this list doesn't mean you can't buy it! Most products on this list are available from retailers. They are on the list as a point of reference if you are not able to get what you need from your usual sources at present, and a heads up about potential future issues affecting popular products. 

 Product Company Est. availability Notes Last updated
Retaine HPMC Ocusoft No date 9/17/19
Lobob ESC Lobob Labs No date
No information. 



 Products Company Which lots recalled? Alternatives

Walmart Equate brand:

  • Equate Restore PM ointment (generic for Refresh PM)
  • Many other Equate brand eye drops, gels and stye ointment


Altaire Pharmaceuticals

Press release has all the details

Please check any you have that are on this list!

Various prescription ointments

Puralube OTC

Altaire Pharmaceuticals See this press release

Discontinued products

 Product Company Suggested alternatives Notes
Puralube Perrigo

Discontinued early 2019

Also recalled July 2019

Oasis Lid & Lash Gel Cleanser Oasis Medical Oasis Lid & Lash Cleansing Pads They are expecting to re-introduce a modified version of this product in 2020.
Unisol 4 Alcon Purilens Plus Discontinued in 2015
Retaine PM 3.5g size Ocusoft

Soothe PM (Bausch & Lomb)

Retaine PM 5g size will be available later this year.
Possibly 1 or more generic PF artificial tear  Unconfirmed report of Walgreens discontinuing their generic for Refresh Plus, and some evidence online of shortages of this and one or two other brands.
Walgreens Lubricant Eye Ointment
Walgreens Assumed discontinued (missing for ~1 year)
CVS Health Nighttime Dry-Eye Relief
Assumed discontinued (missing for ~1 year)