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Things to consider for night products: This article guides you through the process of selecting night dry eye protection products to try out, based on your sleep style, eye conditions, skin tolerances, CPAP mask usage and more.

Matrix with pros and cons of night protection products: This handy table lets you compare products side by side with tips about who tends to be most, or least, successful with each.


Preservative free SALINE guide: Compares brands, package sizes and types, prices and ingredients, explaining the differences between buffered and unbuffered salines.

Tips for buying PROSE & scleral lens care products: Goes through all the different types of products you may need and key considerations for selecting each.


Update August 2018 - We have discontinued our optical section, but you can find tips on dry eye glasses brands here:

Overview of brands and types of dry eye glasses



Drops, gels and ointments - ingredients reference list: Lists all major US brands with their active and inactive ingredients, with all preservatives highlighted.

Drops, gels and ointments: Tips for trying new things


EYELID CARE - Shopping tips: Suggestions for criteria to decide whether you need compresses or eyelid hygiene products and tips for selecting specific ones.