Receptionist / Customer Service Lead

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We are seeking applicants with compassion, skills and enthusiasm to become part of our unique mission.

Our business (d.b.a. The Dry Eye Shop) is a combination of e-commerce and highly personal service to people with a wide variety of rare eye diseases. 

This position is responsible for coordinating and handling most aspects of customer care--think part concierge, part routine customer service, and part patient advocate. We work closely with a nonprofit foundation that provides counseling, support and information services.


7:30am-4:00pm M-F

Pay & benefits

Salary: Negotiable. Starting salary of $45-50k depending on skills and experience

Benefits: PTO, paid holidays, medical plan (50%, 90 day waiting period), employee discount

Other: This is an extraordinarily rewarding job. Our clients are very appreciative of what we do and you will be the first to hear how they feel.


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree preferred but not required
  • Experience: Must have extensive experience (prefer >5 years) with primary responsibility for busy phones and email support.
  • Skills: 
    • Strong software skills required. Be prepared to describe your prior experience with Google Suite or MS Office, CRM, and other software, as well as to demonstrate your ability to quickly grasp new or proprietary software.
    • Excellent written English.
    • Efficiency, multitasking and attention to detail.
  • Qualities: Patience, kindness, empathy and compassion.

Our favorite applicants will be those who succeed in showing that they:

  • Resonate with our company’s mission, aspirations and culture.
  • Care about people in pain.
  • Are good listeners.
  • Have a sense of humor.
  • Have a high EQ.
  • Are energized by the idea of working with a small but dynamic, dedicated group of people.
  • Are flexible enough to adapt to the rapidly evolving needs of a small business.
  • Enjoy working with a diverse staff and helping others reach their full potential.
  • Are team players with initiative. Every perspective is valued. We will look forward to hearing ideas you bring to the table. 
  • Can troubleshoot and research answers when unexpected questions arise.
  • Have directly relevant experience. Preference will be given to applicants who have one or more of the following in their work history:
    • Nonprofit organization
    • Patient advocacy or patient care coordinator role
    • Experience in an ophthalmology or optometry practice
    • Experience assisting people who are elderly, not tech savvy, and from all regions of the country as well as international clients.


Each day at the Dry Eye Shop, we receive a large number of calls, emails, chats and texts.

People come to us with many types of needs. You are our ears and our voice. You are the first point of contact for all of them and set the tone for what they can expect from our company. 

Your primary responsibility is triaging, responding to, or delegating/transferring all incoming calls, emails, chats and texts, and coordinating to ensure they are all addressed in a timely manner. Our CRM platform is Gorgias, which encompasses all communication channels, and you will also use AirCall (VOIP) and Calendly scheduler. 

You will be trained to handle routine DryEyeShop customer needs (75-80% of all inbound enquiries) yourself. Additional platforms include Shopify and Shipstation, and you’ll have access to extensive helpdesk and procedural documentation. But you'll also huddle with the team over interesting or challenging situations - we like to brainstorm together about ways we can help.

Common daily tasks include:

  • Assessing customer needs and providing product information or scheduling consultations.
  • Taking phone orders, and assisting customers with placing online orders.
  • Handling customer service requests, e.g. order tracking, RMAs, updating subscription orders.
  • Finding and sharing information and resources to meet client needs.
  • Transferring calls and assigning emails for the Dry Eye Foundation (nonprofit organization) for whom we provide office space, technical and reception support at no cost.

But there are also many uncommon tasks, as you'll discover! No two days will be alike.

Special job for a special person

This job matters. And we will be waiting patiently for just the right applicant. We look forward to meeting and interviewing (mostly via Zoom) those for whom it resonates.

Many of our clients are struggling with devastating or very painful eye diseases that affect every aspect of their lives. We are here to meet their needs professionally, promptly, accurately, and thoughtfully - but most of all, kindly. We’re here to encourage, inspire, support and bring hope.

We serve a chronically underserved community nationwide. Many first-time clients come to us -- whether self-referred or sent by their doctor -- with no idea of the services we have available and that there is also a nonprofit that can help. You are their first point of contact, and you get to represent and communicate who we are and how we hope to be able to serve them. The first priority is to address the specific need they bring to us. But you will have so much scope to go the extra mile and help needier clients in unexpected ways, and you will learn about all of the information, education and support resources available so that as you get to know our clients’ needs better, you can offer more. 

COVID-19 considerations

We follow CDC and Washington State guidelines. We work in-person with social distancing and masks are required at all times unless alone in your office. Daily sign-in. Air purifiers with HEPA filters.

Application process

Please submit resume with cover letter to

We will be conducting Zoom screening interviews and will provide instructions or alternatives for those who need them. Qualifying applicants will have an onsite (socially distanced) interview, and finalists will meet the team in a Zoom group interview. We know these are hard times for job hunting and we want the process to be safe and comfortable for you. If there is special assistance we can provide that would be helpful, please let us know.