Return Policy


Don't worry, you can still return products!

  • We can provide return labels where you just print them and put them on the package then put it in your mailbox... you do not need to go anywhere to drop it off. 
  • If you can't print at home, we will snail mail you a label.
  • We can extend return deadlines as needed during these challenging times with unforeseen needs. Just please let us know as soon as possible what your need is.
  • Please reach out by phone, email or text anytime.

Return Policy

Is my product eligible for return?

Eligible for return within 30 days of purchase:

  • Night goggles and shields (e.g. Tranquileyes, Onyix, Quartz, Eyeseals), new or used
  • Dry eye glasses, new only (must be in perfect condition)
  • Any other product so long as it is unopened and in SEALED packaging
  • Orders involving a shipping error on our part, or items that arrived damaged (please let us know immediately so we can replace them!)

Not eligible for returns:

  • Liquids, once opened, such as drops, gels, ointments, salines, cleaning solutions, lid scrubs, etc.
  • Any other products that have been opened

Who pays return shipping?

  • On ordinary customer returns, you do. We will provide a shipping label and deduct the cost from your product refund.
  • On orders involving an error on our part or damaged items, we do.
  • International customers: Sorry, we cannot provide return labels.

What's the procedure?

  • Please call or email with your order details and we will provide a return label. 
  • Please pack your item(s) securely.
  • Please make sure to include all parts and packaging. We may not be able to refund incomplete returns in full.

What about a defective product? 

Some items are covered by a manufacturer's warranty. Anything that isn't, we will look after ourselves. Let us know if there is a problem with a product purchased from us and we'll let you know how we can help or we'll put you in touch with the manufacturer if appropriate.

Want to request a policy exception?

Please give us a call :)