Return Policy

Return Policy

Is my product eligible for return?

Eligible for return within 30 days of purchase:

  • Night goggles and shields (e.g. Tranquileyes, Onyix, Quartz, Eyeseals), new or used
  • Dry eye glasses, new only (must be in perfect condition)
  • Any other product so long as it is unopened and in SEALED packaging
  • Orders involving a shipping error on our part, or items that arrived damaged (please let us know immediately so we can replace them!)

Not eligible for returns:

  • Liquids, once opened, such as drops, gels, ointments, salines, cleaning solutions, lid scrubs, etc.
  • Any other products that have been opened

Who pays return shipping?

  • On ordinary customer returns, you do. We will provide a shipping label and deduct the cost from your product refund.
  • On orders involving an error on our part or damaged items, we do.
  • International customers: Sorry, we cannot provide return labels.

What's the procedure?

  • Please call or email with your order details and we will provide a return label. 
  • Please pack your item(s) securely.
  • Please make sure to include all parts and packaging. We may not be able to refund incomplete returns in full.

What about a defective product? 

Some items are covered by a manufacturer's warranty. Anything that isn't, we will look after ourselves. Let us know if there is a problem with a product purchased from us and we'll let you know how we can help or we'll put you in touch with the manufacturer if appropriate.

Want to request a policy exception?

Please give us a call :)