Scleral Lens Products A-Z


Addipak Saline Solution

Application (insertion) tools


Blink Contacts


Brochures: See ECP Literature Packs


CLEAR CARE Cleaning & Disinfection Solution (3oz, 12oz or 2x12oz)

CLEAR CARE PLUS with HydraGlyde (3oz, 2x12oz)

Contact lens cases:

Contact lens cleaning pads (2 pads, 10 pads)

Contact lens drain strainer

Contact lens sink catch mat


DMV contact lens handling devices:

Drain strainers


    EZI Lens Applicator Rings

    ECP Literature Packs


    Filling solutions for scleral lenses (Tutorial Series Part 4)



    I-Chek Illuminated  Eye Examination Mirror

    Insertion (application) tools


    LacriPure preservative free vials

    Leader Optical Soap

    Lens Rewetting Drops

    Lobob solutions (discontinued)

    M - N - O

    Modudose Sterile PF Saline

    Nutrifill 10mL Preservative Free

    Ocusoft Hand Soap

    Optimum by Lobob (discontinued)

    Optisoap by Sereine

    P - Q - R

    Penlight for bubble checks

    Plunger on a keyring

    Preservative-free saline guide

    Preservative Free Saline Trial Packs


    Refresh Contacts

    Refresh Relieva for Contacts


    Scleral Lens Emergency Kit

    Scleral Lens Travel Kit

    ScleralFil 10mL Preservative Free Saline Solution

    See-Green brand stand and light

    See-Green accessories 

    Sink strainers

    Solutions Compliance Checklist: See ECP Literature Packs

    T - U - V

    Tangible Boost: This is a prescription-only conditioning solution to restore Tangible Hydra-PEG coating. Speak with your lens provider for more information.

    Tangible Clean

    Tutorial for scleral lens users

    1. Introduction & contents
    2. Doctor appointments
    3. Prep, setup and handling
    4. Rinsing and filling
    5. Lens application (insertion)
    6. Lens removal
    7. Cleaning and disinfection
    8. Midday fogging, RRR and usage troubleshooting
    9. Storage and replacement
    10. Travel tips

    Ultrazyme Enzymatic Cleaner (20 tabs) (discontinued by manufacturer in 2021)

    Unique pH

    W - X - Y - Z

    Rewetting drops