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In addition to our unique patient-centered retail shop, we run The Dry Eye Zone, our main informational site about dry eye, and we are involved in all kinds of educational, advocacy and research work on behalf of patients. We're working hard to make the future better for all of us. 

Can you help with a small donation?

Historically, we have funded all of our educational and advocacy work from DryEyeShop revenue. However, these days, the spigot is running dry. Our finances have been stretched to the utmost by everything we went through in 2016 dealing with the preservative-free saline shortages. We're finding it much more difficult to continue our educational, advocacy and research work without some outside funding, yet we don't want to accept industry money. 

So, we're asking our readers and customers if they could pitch in, in some small way! We are, obviously, not incorporated as a nonprofit (though we are in the process of changing our company type to a Social Purpose Corporation). 

Could you donate $10 or less, on a one-time or ongoing basis? We would be so grateful! Here is how you can:

  • Support us on Patreon
  • Check: Make payable to The Dry Eye Zone, and send to The Dry Eye Zone, 20720 State Hwy 305 NE Ste 2A, Poulsbo WA 98370
  • Paypal: Use the donate button below. 

Thank you so much for your support!

More ways to help

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  • If you found the Dry Eye Shop on your own rather than by a referral from your doctor, please tell your doctor about it. We would love to send them literature for their patients! And if they would be willing to put a link to the shop on their site, we'll link to theirs as well!
  • Contact us about ongoing DryEyeZone projects you could help sponsor.
  • Volunteer as a moderator on DryEyeTalk forums.
  • Purchase some of your dry eye supplies from the Dry Eye Shop once in awhile, even if you normally need to price-shop. We truly appreciate the support - it makes all the difference to our ability to serve dry eye patients well.