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Bubble Sampler

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    About the Bubble Sampler

    This kit contains 10 items:

    Description (Rebecca's)

    Want a simple way to try out the concept of adhesive bubble bandages? Find out whether they are right for you, in general, and if so, which type or size seems to suit you best? This kit is designed for you.

    Bubble patches are unquestionably a costly solution. Even in bulk, they are expensive, and they are single use items. But for some needs, they are the only practical solution.

    NITEYE is a one-size-fits-all simple bubble patch. It is quite deep, yet rigid enough to protect well for side and even stomach sleepers. NITEYE has a relatively friendly adhesive and is popular for a great many types of needs, from Thyroid Eye Disease to Acoustic Neuroma to simple protection from CPAP venting.

    ORTOLUX is a streamlined, relatively shallow bubble which comes in two sizes. The small ones may actually fit under glasses, which can be helpful to people with severe daytime exposure issues (e.g. Bell's palsy). The adhesive is strong. 

    EYELOCC is not a bubble bandage - it's an occlusion strip, that is, basically an alternative to medical tape for sealing down the lids. We thought we'd include a few of these as they are cheap and so many of the people who are trying bubbles have already used tapes. We just want to put one more option on the table for you.

    Please use the links above for a detailed description of each item. 


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