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EyeLocc Eyelid Occlusion Dressing (5 pair trial pack)

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    About EyeLocc

    • 5 pair "trial or travel" pack
    • Convenient way to seal eyelids down at night
    • Alternative to medical tape
    • Product dimensions: 8.8 cm x 3.8  cm 

    Description (by Rebecca) 

    EyeLocc is designed for sealing lids of patients under general anaesthesia during surgery, and is a very practical alternative to using medical tape.

    I really like the tabs it has at the sides which make it much easier to get a grip on it to remove it easily - especially if you have to take one off during the night to get around. And just being clearly designed for the eye's shape makes it more user-friendly than medical tape.

    Best, the window part in the center has a gentler adhesive than the rest so that the most sensitive skin affected is not exposed to the stronger adhesive of the outer part. This is also a bonus for those with brittle lashes that are easily pulled out by conventional tapes.

    This current version has been re-sized to make it a better one-size-fits-all. 

    • Economical, user-friendly alternative to taping the lids down. EyeLocc is easier to apply and remove, and is reasonably priced.
    • People who, due to their orbital bone structure, have difficulty securing the lid down with tape.
    • People who must tape, but whose skin is fragile and does not tolerate adhesives well.
    • People in nursing or assisted living facilities who need eye protection applied by staff.

    This product does not vault the lids like the bubble bandage products, but may be an alternative for certain users (it's a lot cheaper).

    Finally, I think this is a good user-friendly entry-level product for people who have never taped a lid down but could benefit from it, such as RCE patients who need to immobilize the lids to prevent erosions.

    In terms of limitations, it isn't very tall, so possibly people with large eyes and large orbits may not find it adequate. 

    Description (from the manufacturer's literature)

    What is EyeLocc™?

    The EyeLocc™ is a unique dressing specifically designed for eyelid occlusion during general anaesthesia.

    It provides quick, complete, and safe eye closure. This ensures that the eye maintains its moisture throughout the procedure, and is protected from external harm.

    The EyeLocc™ has many benefits, including:
    • Saves theatre time
    • Easy to apply and remove
    • Sterile to combat cross-contamination and spread of hospital acquired infections such as MRSA/VRE
    • Hypoallergenic and latex free
    • Helps prevent complications such as exposure keratitis and corneal abrasions
    • Inner clear window allows for intraoperative monitoring of the eye
    • Made from flexible material that conforms completely to the eye socked leaving no gaps.
    • Multizone adhesive ensures it stays in place for long periods of time, while preventing eyelid tearing and bruising upon removal

    Why is EyeLocc™ the better choice?

    Sterile and individually wrapped, the EyeLocc™ significantly decreases application and removal time, and the risk of cross-contamination.

    An inner clear window allows for intraoperative monitoring of eye closure, while an outer opaque border assists with correct placement of the dressing.

    The dressing is extremely flexible, making it conform perfectly to the eye socket leaving no gaps.

    The inner window section has gentle adhesive, preventing eyelid trauma and removal of eyelashes, while ensuring the eye remains closed throughout the procedure.

    The outer section has stronger adhesive, completely sealing the eye, protecting from air, chemicals, and foreign materials. It also maintains eye closure for extended periods of time.

    Non-adhesive tabs allow for easy application and removal, even with gloved hands.

    Label Information


    • EyeLocc™ is designed to hold eyes closed during general anaesthesia.


    • EyeLocc™ alone is not sufficient for protection from intraocular hypertension when patient is in the prone position.
    • EyeLocc™ must only be applied to closed eyes. Applying EyeLocc™ to an open eye may result in corneal trauma.
    • Do not use if packaging is damaged.

    Usage Instructions

    • EyeLocc™ should be applied immediately AFTER induction of anaesthesia. It is best to ensure EyeLocc™ is applied before any action that involves a heightened risk of corneal trauma, such as insertion of a mechanical airway, preparation of the surgical area, or application of surgical drapes.
    • Ensure the EyeLocc™ is removed before patient is able to open eyes naturally to avoid acute patient distress. 

    Steps for application:

    • Open the packaging, from the end marked "Peel from this end".
    • Note that there are two identical EyeLocc™s in each package, and either EyeLocc™ can be used on either of the patient's eyes.
    • Remove middle portion of backing material.
    • Hold on to the non-stick tabs, one in each hand.
    • Place the EyeLocc™ over the closed eye so the eyelashes and majority of the upper eyelid can be seen through the clear centre viewing window.
    • Ensure that the EyeLocc™ has made a tight seal with the eye socket and there are no gaps between the EyeLocc™ and the skin.
    • Repeat with the second EyeLocc™.
    • To remove the EyeLocc™, gently peel it off from the medial to the lateral corner of the eye, using the non-stick tabs.
    • Dispose of the EyeLocc™s. The dressings are not intended for multiple applications.


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