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WeLoveEyes Hypochlorous Eyelid Cleansing Spray

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    About Hypochlorous Eyelid Cleansing Spray

    • Hypochlorous acid 0.012% concentration
    • Handy spray bottle
    • 1.69oz (50mL)

    Description (Rebecca's)

    Hypochlorous acid is where eyelid care has been trending for quite awhile in medical circles, in parallel with tea tree oil based products. The hypochlorous products tend to be very simple, so for those trying to avoid masses of unpronounceable ingredients, they may be attractive on that basis alone. But they also seem to be seen by the medical community as quite effective for blepharitis and routine preventive lid cleansing.

    Click here for a reference guide comparing all the different eyelid cleansing products. There is a subsection of the list devoted specifically to hypochlorous acid cleansers. This particular one is 0.012% hypochlorous.

    Description (Manufacturer's)

    Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) is a well known product that cleanses the eye area. The spray cleanses eyelids and eyelashes, reducing symptoms of redness, itch, dryness and inflammation with continued use. HOCL converts back to predominantly water which is hydrating to the eyelid skin and is also environmentally friendly. 

    Our Hypochlorous Spray is oil-free, bleach-free (to prevent ocular irritancy), preservative-free and the perfect addition to your eye cleaning routine for beautiful, white and bright eyes. 

      The Deets:

      SIZE. 1.69 oz/50 ml 

      INGREDIENTS. Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) 0.012%, Electrolyzed Water (H20), Sodium Chloride (NaCl), Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl), Phosphates 

      SUGGESTED USE. Remove contact lenses prior to use. Spray 1-2 pumps onto cotton pad and gently rub along eyelid margin back and forth. No need to wash off after use. 

      FOR EYELASH EXTENSIONS. Remove contact lenses prior to use. Spray 1-2 pumps onto WLE Eyelid Margin Cleansing Brush and gently rub along eyelid margin back and forth. No need to wash off after use. This product is oil-free.

      P.S. OK if this gets into the eyes. 

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