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Moisture Goggle Trial Kit #2 - Light Blocking

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    This trial kit contains 3 moisture goggles:

    (1) Tranquileyes Starter Kit (charcoal color)

    Tranquileyes is Eye Eco's original classic goggle with viscoelastic cushions and moisture pads. It offers a reasonably versatile fit and maximum night-time moisture. In addition, it can be used for moist warm or cold compresses by adding Thermoeyes Instant or Thermoeyes Bead inserts (sold separately). The goggle itself is quite durable. The foam cushions and moisture pads are designed for replacement every 4 to 8 weeks. The strap is also replaceable. Tranquileyes is also available in an extra large size (see kit #4).

    Regarding colors: while all Tranquileyes goggles are made of opaque rubber and also lined with deep foam cushions and pads, customer feedback over the years suggests that the charcoal one is the most thoroughly light-blocking, so that is what we have selected for this kit.

    (1) Onyix Silicone Shield

    Onyix is the black counterpart to Quartz. It is a lightweight, compact, streamlined moisture shield which fits closely to the eyes and is designed for optimal compatibility with CPAP masks of all types, but it is also much more broadly popular as a transparent dry eye shield. The strap is replaceable. Many people like to pair it with one of the soothing eye mist products from the same manufacturer. Onyix tends to fit small to medium orbits best. 

    (1) Eyeseals 4.0 Charcoal

    Eyeseals is a larger, thicker thermal plastic shield which lands further out on the orbits, vaults higher over the eyes than Onyix, and is designed to seal all the way around the eyes. Many people like to use it with one of the soothing eye mist products, or even just add a few drops of water to the eye cups so that it will steam up faster. Eyeseals' durability tends to increase if the strap is adjusted with care and replaced regularly.

    How the trial kits work

    1. Use our quick reference guide to select a kit.

    2. Place your order.

    3. Try everything out, and ask questions.

    You have 30 days to try them out, compare them, troubleshoot and figure out what you like, what seems to do the best job and is most comfortable.

    We'll also send you some practical tips and answers to frequently asked questions. 

    You can call, text or email us, or show up in Rebecca's Zoom office hours with your questions.

    4. Decide what to keep and what to send back.

    5. Contact us for your free return label.

    • Get in touch and let us know which goggles you'll be returning
    • We will send you a free USPS return label
    • Pack everything up securely in the box we sent them in and put the label on
    • Place it in your mailbox for pickup
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