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NitEye Bubble Eye Bandages (Case of 336)

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    About NITEYE

    • Clear, self-adhesive
    • Bubble eye bandage
    • Single use
    • 4" x 3" (actual bubble is 2" x 1" x .5") 
    • Case of 336 (24 boxes of 14) - See separate listing for box of 14 or individually packaged

    Description (by Rebecca)

    NITEYE has a large, firm, clear oblong bubble vaulting quite high over the eye to trap moisture and block any moving air. The adhesive flange is wide and can be trimmed to size. This is a popular disposable non-vented protective moisture chamber. 

    Suggested best uses

    • Doctor's advice
    • Floppy eyelid syndrome - or anyone else who must as a matter of priority have a rigid form of protection that cannot be dislodged by movements during sleep.
    • Dry eye night protection while traveling
    • Single eye protection

    Limitations and alternatives

    • Glasses compatibility: If you need a product you can use under glasses, consider Ortolux instead - its adhesive is harder on the skin but the bubble does not vault as high so it is more likely to actually fit under glasses.
    • Size: It is pretty large, though the flange can be trimmed to size.
    • Cost is the biggest limitation. This is a disposable product, not well suited to long term use. Use it for travel use it to get past a particularly difficult time, but for long term use talk to us about the durable alternatives.

    Description (from the manufacturer's literature)


    • Protects eyes from drying conditions
    • Seals in valuable moisture
    • Attaches quickly, easily
    • Hypoallergenic tape
    • Contains 14 eye bandages

    Description/Intended use/Indications

    NITEYE The Dry Eye Comforter Eye Bandages help ease the symptoms caused by Dry Eye by protecting the eye against drying conditions. NITEYE is designed for use only when resting and can be used with or without eye drop or ointment therapy. The clear, plastic bubble attaches easily and comfortably over the eye and traps in valuable moisture during rest.

    Recommended Instructions for Use

    1. Remove eye glasses or contact lenses.
    2. Clean skin surface around the eye. Make sure area is clean and dry.
    3. If ordered by your physician, place drops or ointment into the eye.
    4. Carefully peel away white protective backing to expose the adhesive surface.
    5. Gently place over the eye, centering the clear plastic bubble over the eyeball. (Take care not to place the adhesive portion on the eyelid or eyeball.)
    6. Apply light finger pressure to the adhesive portion in order to firmly seal the bandage around the eye.
    7. Within minutes, you may see moisture form on the inside of the bubble chamber. This is normal - it shows NITEYE is working.
    8. After resting, carefully remove the bandage and dispose of properly. Do not attempt to reuse product. Reuse could cause improper adhesion, resulting in adequate protection.

    Warnings and Precautions

    NITEYE is intended for use only while resting. Moisture may form on the inside of the bubble chamber, obscuring vision. Do not attempt to walk or operate any machinery or an automobile when wearing NITEYE. Walking or operating machinery or an automobile while wearing this product could result in serious injury or death. Immediately discontinue use if you experience discomfort, skin irritation or if redness develops. Do not wear longer than 12 hours. Always consult your physician before using. Keep out of reach of children.


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