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Rebecca's Dry Eye Bedtime Favorites (Budget Version)

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    Luxury version vs budget version?

    I set up my original bedtime favorites kit and suddenly realized it was more than $200. Ouch! It's that OcuTherm... it's expensive, but oh man do I love mine.

    Anyway, I thought I would make a more budget friendly variation on the favorites theme. So this one has my cheaper favorite warm compress and leaves out the extra drops and wipes.

    My bedtime favorites, explained

    I had to leave out a couple of things to get this kit into a reasonable price range. It's a lot, and I do not use all of these things every day! But these are the things I reach for the most. Here's why, and how I use them.

    Rebecca's Rice Baggy

    This has been around almost as long as the Dry Eye Shop itself. Click on the product to get the whole story. Suffice to say, it's an all-natural, dye-free, all-organic microwavable warm compress with a thick jersey-knit organic cotton slipcover. You can use it warm or cold. I know most people prefer the silicone bead types for practical reasons, but I still love my little rice baggy :) 

    Optase Protect

    This is my favorite hypochlorous cleanser. It's generously sized and reasonably priced, so when I trimmed this kit down to be more budget friendly this is the one that made the cut. I know that Avenova is supposed to be the 'purest' one, and the knockoffs (there are many!) such as Hypochor mostly tend to have an ever so slightly bleachy smell which sometimes bothers me, but I seem to get along with this one great.

    Hypochlorous makes my lids feel very clean. It's not hydrating, though, so if my lids are more sore and tired feeling, I tend to like using something else in addition (or instead of). But if push comes to shove, I stick with this product because it's effective and this size bottle lasts quite awhiel.


    Can't skimp on the drop. I mean, I can use something else during the day but at night I need something strong.

    I've known this drop since way way way back when, when it was called APL-105 and was made in a compounding pharmacy. It's changed a bit over the years, but it's still the best darned OTC drop on the market, in my personal opinion.

    I always opt for the preservative free bottle even though it's also available in single use vials. Lasts longer, and less plastic.

    Tranquileyes XL

    This is my favorite thing to use overnight when I've had a 'hard eye day', my lids are sore and my eyes feel super gritty.

    I soak the pads in cold water and put them in but I let them stick out a bit so they'll press lightly on my lids. It's very soothing. If I don't fall asleep quickly, I sometimes get up and soak the pads again.

    It doesn't always stay on all night, because I tend to rotate from my back to my side while sleeping, but I like it anyway. Beware - IT'S LARGE. The manufacturer promotes it for moist compresses rather than overnight, but personally I like it overnight and I think that for those of us with larger faces or even just larger orbits, it's a great product. I like how the larger size of the foam pads distributes across a wider area - that way there is no pressure on the lids at all.

    Once you've got Tranquileyes (either size) there's lots of add-ons you can get - like the ThermoEyes Instant or Bead inserts for hot or cold, and the eye mists. I don't use any of those personally, but I know they are all well liked.

    By the way, I also have Quartz and Eyeseals, and I go through phases when I prefer one or the other of those, but most recently, I just prefer the foam rather than plastics and silicones on my skin.

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