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Stye Kit (Heat & Clean) - XL Size

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    About the Stye Kit - XL Size

    • Choose left or right eye
    • Choice of XL size or regular size
    • Warm moist compress for single eye (with snap style heat pack)
    • Includes Lid cleansing foam with 2% tea tree oil
    • International customers: We cannot ship this product to Canada, Europe, and certain other countries. Please click here for details.
    • Included: Eye cup with cushion and pad; four instant Thermoeyes; fabric pockets; net wash bag; 50mL bottle of Advanced Formula 2% Tea Tree Eyelid 

    Description (Rebecca's)

    This stye kit is a really handy way to do a warm compress on one eye, plus foam cleanser - the stronger version of the two made by Eye Eco. It's basically half of a Tranquileyes (one eyecup only), with s simple elastic strap to hold it on, plus instant ThermoEyes, the little blue heat packs that work like hand warmers. There is a moisture pad included that you soak in warm water, you activate the heat pack, pop it in the pocket and put both in the eyecup to hold against the eye.

    Compare the two stye kits?

    The original Stye Kit contains the eye cup and one pair of the heat packs.

    This kit has two pairs of heat packs and a 50mL bottle of the 2% tea tree foam.

    Instant vs beads

    The 'instant type of heat pack included in this kit has to be boiled to 'reset' it, so there's a little more maintenance compared with Thermoeyes Beads. Not a big deal, just that after you have used both of those included, you need to boil them for about 5 minutes. If you try it out and find it's too much hassle, you can always purchase the ThermoEyes Bead type separately.

    Regular vs XL size

    Personally I'd go for the XL size over the regular size because of the increased coverage, but if you have very sensitive skin or rosacea and want to minimize the amount of skin any heat comes in contact with, the regular size is probably more appropriate.

    Replacement foam

    This comes with a very, very soft foam, not the same type as on Tranquileyes. However, you can replace it with standard Tranquileyes foam for longer term use. (Note that you will only be able to use one side of the foam.)

    Description (Manufacturer's)

    Natural, scientifically proven relief from styes and chalazia

    Our patented Stye Kit™ therapy is doctor recommended and proven to deliver up to 15 minutes of optimum controlled moist-heat for immediate relief from styes and chalazia.

    Reusable gel packs, soft fabric pockets and pure water are placed into the flexible eye cup and secured with a hands-free design for maximum comfort, convenience and effectiveness.

    The kit includes our proprietary 2% Tea Tree Cleanser to keep your lid margin clean and healthy without irritation.

    Kit includes:

    1. One Stye Kit™ with strap
    2. One 50ml bottle of Advanced Formula 2% Tea Tree Eyelid & Facial Cleanser™
    3. Four reusable thermoeyes™ instants xl™
    4. One set of white fabric pockets
    5. One mesh bag for cleaning

    How to use

    1. Apply one pump of Advanced Formula 2% Tea Tree Eyelid & Facial Cleanser™ onto moistened washcloth, and gently wash affected eyelid area. Rinse well with warm water and dry skin.
    2. Moisten white fabric pocket in filtered or bottled water.
    3. Activate blue thermoeyes™ gel pack:
    • For first time use, there is no need to reset (boil) first. Hold gel pack in a vertical position lengthwise so the internal metal disc floats down to the narrow end of the gel pack.
    • With the internal disc positioned at one end of the gel pack, use thumb and forefinger of both hands to grasp the opposite edges of the disc. Bend the steel disc back and forth to create a clicking sound. The sound activates the heating process.
    • Continue to bend the disc back and forth and make the clicking sound until the gel starts to crystallize and generate heat.
    4. Insert activated gel pack into moistened fabric pocket. Then, place pocketed gel pack into back of eye cup.
    5. Place eye cup over closed eyelid and gently pull the head strap over the back of head to secure.
    6. Wear 10-15 minutes, morning and night, or as directed by your eye doctor.


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