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    While this is an attractive and innovative product, we have made the decision to no longer stock it. You can always purchase more direct from the manufacturer or online at various other vendors.  Use discount code "Clearance" for 50% off of our final remaining stock.

    About TearRestore Bundle

    • Multi-task while treating your lids
    • Instant heat: No microwave needed
    • Requires boiling between uses
    • Spare heat packs sold separately
    • Kit without kettle also available
    • This kit includes:TearRestore mask with hard shell case, three TearRestore heat packs, and a one-touch reactivation kettle. 

    Description (Rebecca's)

    November 2020

    A busy market

    The market is now officially awash with warm compress products. You can heat your lids in at least as many ways as Starbucks can prepare your coffee. TearRestore is one of the very most recent. So, once again, here goes. And for those who are new to my product descriptions, this is not a review per se. It's never a question of which one is "best" - it's a question of which one is the best match for YOU. Think about your priorities, think about what you do or don't like about whatever you're using now (if anything) and hopefully my description can help you rule this one in or out for a "next thing to try".

    So first of all, they definitely nailed the marketing side of this product. Phantom-of-the-opera motif in a pretty color. Simple instructions. Not a lot of stuff to assemble or repurchase. Easy to clean. This is a reasonably lifestyle-friendly product.

    Where it fits in

    The top selling point of TearRestore is even more conspicuously lifestyle-driven: It's that you can SEE while using it. For many people, that's compelling - and may make all the difference between compliance and non-compliance. If you have a busy life and see a warm compress as a tedious 10-minute chore, you're not going to do it without a compelling reason. I actually think that this is probably a great tool for doctors to get people with mild MGD to use, where it just won't feel like it's quite so much a waste of time.

    Then there's the people with more advanced disease, and beyond them, the hardcore educated MGD patients who have become compress connoisseurs. Honestly, I don't know quite what they'll make of this one. On the one hand, the company is showing data saying it heats to 47C and stays above 40C for ten minutes, and they have done thermal imaging to ensure the heat is getting where it needs to go. On the other hand, I think many of us judge by what we are feeling. Our experience is not always an accurate guide, but it's sure a compelling one. Will you feel like the heat is getting into your lid margins? With a one-size-fits-all device that is designed to not cover your eyelids? And, is it lasting the full 10 minutes? This is what you I want to hear from those of you who try it out.

    My experience

    I have only used TearRestore a few times. I'm not going to speak to the medical side of things - talk that part over with your eye doctor. We're just talking here about what it's like.

    So what was my personal experience like? Well, once I assembled it and figured out how to adjust the strap, I took a selfie with my black face mask and TearRestore, just for fun and for the Facebook group.

    That really is just my eyes behind it, by the way... you just can't see them. Creepy.

    Then I activated a heat thing and put it on. I did that a few weeks later while writing this description, so I could remind myself what it was like to do stuff while wearing it. I found it perfectly comfortable, and have no problem using the computer although I found myself adjusting it some more because of my eyelashes banging against things.

    As for the heat, well, honestly, I felt like it was going everywhere except where I wanted it. It's not meant to deliver a lot of heat to the top lids so I'll give them a pass on that. Lower lids... it's interesting. If I sit and think about it, I know they are getting warm. It just isn't a compelling sensation, for someone with my particular kind of expectations from a warm compress. OcuTherm is, and is likely to remain, my all time favorite (after a couple decades of loving organic rice baggies) because of the way it conforms to my skin and how it feels. But you are not me. Buy based on your needs, not mine.

    Last, what about duration? By my clock, I'd say the 10 minutes is about right. I think that it does cool down noticeably within that time but I find their data about it staying at a therapeutic level quite believable based on my experience. But I think a lot of us patients have been taught (or have taught ourselves) that compresses have to be hot and long. Technically, your compress doesn't need to be super hot to do its job. I've always felt some people do themselves more harm than good with overheating their face and eyelids. If your doctor has given you specific instructions, though, I always defer to that :) 

    Anyway, I think TearRestore *may* do the job just fine. I won't really know, unless I use it regularly for a time and have an eye exam before and after to take a look at my MGs. Hint, hint: that's what you should do if you're using a warm compress. If we have to do so much stuff to our eyes, let it be with knowledge and confidence that it's actually helping us, don't you think? Otherwise, it's just... more stuff.

    Who it's best for

    Bottom line, I think this is a potentially great tool for:

    • People who don't, and won't, do regular compresses because they don't want to 'stop life' for ten minutes. With TearRestore, you don't have to stop.
    • People who will use it in addition to other compresses.
    • People who like the phantom-of-the-opera motif. I mean, it's cute.
    • Others? I would love to hear stories from people who try it out. Let us know!


    I almost forgot. Including a kettle in a premium kit was definitely the right move marketing-wise. For some of us, that would make all the difference between being willing to try it, and feeling like figuring out to use is just a little too much work. Like I said at the beginning: This is a marketing-smart product. 

    Description (Manufacturer's)

    TearRestore Bundle is the best solution for treating your eyes regularly. This bundle delivers consistent heat directly to where you need it, with the convenience of a one-click reactivation kettle. The 3 heat packs included in this pack can supply as many as 270 treatments.

    Each bundle includes a TearRestore mask with hard shell case, three TearRestore heat packs, and a one-touch reactivation kettle. 

    The Days of Washcloths and Microwavable Masks are Over

    Cumbersome solutions such as microwavable masks cool too quickly and are a time consuming burden on your daily routine. When performed daily, you will spend almost four full days a year performing a minimally effective treatment

    TearRestore Delivers the Relief and Convenience You Are Looking For

    TearRestore provides consistent heat exactly where you need it - and it is designed to fit within your daily routine. TearRestore's user friendly device makes it easy to find time to treat your eyes.


    Anatomical Design

    The TearRestore Mask is packed full of features:

    • Meibomian gland applicators match the anatomy of the eyelid which results in a targeted treatment where you need it.
    • Anatomical norms results in a one size fits all design.
    • Comfort and durability are ensured through the use of a flexible and resilient polymer.

    Reusable Heat Pack

    TearRestore's heat pack assures patients and clinicians that therapeutic levels of heat are being supplied to the Meibomian glands at every treatment. Furthermore, TearRestore heat packs are manufactured in the U.S. with non-toxic food grade sodium acetate and medical grade vinyl.

    Heat Packs are extremely durable and can be reactivated up to 90 times!

    Uniquely Designed

    Natural Tear Film Redistribution

    TearRestore's unique design, which permits the use of vision throughout treatment, allows for the eyelids to blink which functions to redistribute the tear film over the surface of the eye. Through combining natural tear film redistribution with therapeutic heat, our device has the ability to provide superior irritation relief over traditional warm compress treatments.

    Instructions for use

    "Click" the Metal Disc: Within the heat pack there is a small metal disc. Press the center of the metal disc with your thumb or forefinger; this will activate the pack and you will begin to feel the heat.

    Snap Heat Pack Into Mask: The TearRestore mask has specially designed hooks around the eye holes. Simply match the eye holes of the heat pack with the mask and hook the edges of the heat pack onto the mask.

    Adjust Strap: Place TearRestore mask and activated heat pack over your head and adjust to be able to see through the eye holes. Pull straps until comfortable then relax and/or continue your day!

    Reactivate Heat Pack: The TearRestore heat packs are easily reactivated in boiling water or a one-click kettle. The boiling water returns the heat packs into a liquid in as little as five minutes. Once the pack has become liquid, simply let cool and reactivate at your convenience.

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